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Getting Custom Furniture in Vanilla Minecraft

Posted: May 1, 2024 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young

Thousands of builders in Minecraft design and create fantastic structures, bases, homes, and areas for players to enjoy – but one major element is missing: furniture. Creativity is a huge part of the gameplay, as interior design adds to the aesthetics of builds. Having no access to furniture ruins the immersion, resulting in feelings of emptiness when inside of a room. Fortunately, you have plenty of options to solve this problem! For example, combining certain blocks can create the illusion of chairs, couches, benches, desks, tables, lamps, and so much more. These designs can be used inside or outside, depending on the building project. Let’s begin to explore how you can get custom furniture in Vanilla Minecraft to help you create the best possible structures.

Furniture in Minecraft

Minecraft Furniture

There are countless uses for furniture in Minecraft Vanilla, such as the ability to fill up empty spaces in rooms or act as chairs for hosting in-game meetings. Roleplaying is a popular activity in the community, so having extra decorations – especially functional types, can significantly improve the experience. This and other reasons are why furniture plays an important role in the building process of interior and exterior design. Many players choose not to install mods or plugins for this, as it involves more work and configuration. This applies for Bedrock Editions of Minecraft too, as it’s even harder to obtain addons or datapacks for these features.

Types of Furniture

There are lots of possibilities in Minecraft Vanilla to build furniture across both editions, but boils down to your creativity. The following are examples to get you started with designing your own in-game! Keep in mind that the amount of block combinations gives you tons of options to try out. If you want even more ideas to customize your Minecraft world, click here.


One of the first types of furniture players in Minecraft create are chairs, which can be simple as stairs being placed beside other blocks. This can be amplified with other materials though, such as doors, slabs, and trap doors for extra detail. Whether you want a large chair or a throne, you have plenty of opportunities to get creative. Take it a step further and use carpet for cushioning – you decide what’s best!

Chairs Minecraft


Benches Minecraft

Making prisons or parks in Minecraft typically involves creating some form of benches for players to sit on. These can be made from iron bars for the base with carpet on the top. Otherwise, using stairs or even lightning rods can also suffice – depending on the build. Banners could also be used for the backside if you want, the possibilities are endless! Keep playing around with the design until it’s just right for your project.



For almost any room, tables or desks are needed for extra detail. These can easily be built with trap doors placed in a specific order, which can also support having pots or other blocks on top of it. Do this in front of windows or even build a tiny computer to have a nice gaming room. These types of furniture can be amplified with other materials too, including slabs or stairs – depending on the design.

Tables Minecraft


Shelves Minecraft

Another important part of any room is shelves, which can be quickly done with trap doors. This idea is similar to tables, but placed higher on walls. Whether you do this in a corner or across the entire room, it can significantly improve the quality of your interior design. This is especially true if you build bases or connectors for them, which could be pillars or upside down stairs. The choice all boils down to what looks best with your build.



Rather than using torches or glowstone, build lamps for a more aesthetically pleasing feeling inside. Our example is using lightning rods and a shroomlight block, but there are countless others. Whether you use lanterns or redstone activated lamps, you have plenty of room to play around with in-game. These can be placed not only indoors, but also outdoors in the streets for cities or towns. It also serves to provide lighting in areas that need it!

Lamps Minecraft


Creative Designs

Minecraft Creative Building

Getting creative in Minecraft Vanilla can be challenging, as there are unlimited possibilities! Building furniture for extra details and decorations is one of these issues. In cases where you do want more functionality for them, consider using mods or plugins. One such example is MrCrayfish’s Furniture Mod, providing you with more blocks that actually are pieces of furniture. Another one is the GSit plugin which gives players the ability to sit down on anything! There are other types available online if these aren’t suitable for your Minecraft server.

Minecraft Vanilla Furniture

Having furniture in Minecraft is a fantastic way to improve any structure, both interior and exterior. Whether you want chairs or lamps, you have a whole range of options to choose from in-game. We highly recommend using cheats or operator permissions to begin designing in creative mode. Otherwise, it will take you longer to collect all the needed materials for your furniture in Minecraft Vanilla. With all this said, we hope this article helped you!

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