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Features Coming in Minecraft 1.21

Posted: Mar 29, 2024 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young

As we await Minecraft’s newest update, many upcoming features are already being released for you to try out! Whether you want to explore trial chambers or find all the different wolf variants, there are plenty of activities to do in these snapshot versions. Minecraft 1.21 will introduce new structures, mobs, items, blocks, and a unique weapon – along with other features that aren’t yet made known to the public. These will amplify the gameplay experience for everyone, but some might not know what exactly is being added. We’ll be discussing the features coming to Minecraft 1.21 in this article. Let’s begin!

Minecraft 1.21 – What to Expect

As of right now, there are six core features in Minecraft 1.21, with some of them being more impressive than others. For example, underground dungeons with unique ways to collect loot are now being generated across the world in recently released snapshots. After more of these versions of Minecraft are made available, new content will be seen by players – resulting in extra features to expect in the 1.21 update. Keep this in mind when reviewing them down below, as this might not be the complete list.

Trial Chambers

One of the main features in Minecraft 1.21 are Trial Chambers, large dungeons underground in the Overworld. These structures offer you a chance to slay a new mob, known as the Breeze. These chambers are built with height in mind since wind charges will be launched at you. There are other monsters too, all of which are required to gain access to a new vault spawner. It requires a key and will allow you to gather random items, including enchanted equipment. Besides this, almost all the chambers have unique copper and brick blocks.

Minecraft Trial Chambers
Minecraft Vault Spawners

These vault spawners are dynamic, meaning multiple players can use them. Only after they’re done, it cannot be reopened. Items will drop from the top and could be diamonds, emeralds, golden apples, or a new heavy core item. Players can obtain the key to open a vault spawner by slaying nearby enemies. In other words, you must eradicate monsters to get it unlocked. Repeat this for all the trial chamber rooms, as you’ll be decked out in loot afterward.



Minecraft 1.21 will also be adding armadillos to savanna biomes! These little creatures will get easily scared, so make sure to approach them carefully. If you happen to sneak up on one, use the brush item to obtain its valuable scute. This is the main ingredient for an upcoming feature. Although, if you’re unsuccessful in hunting an armadillo – then the critter will roll away at great speeds. No item drops come from its death, so avoid unnecessary combat with them.

Minecraft Armadillo


Wolf Armor & Variants

Minecraft Wolf Armor & Variants

New wolf variants are coming to Minecraft 1.21, with 8 new wolves to discover in your world. These are biome-specific, meaning you must find certain environments to stumble upon a new breed. For example, spotted wolves spawn in the savanna plateau region. Once you tame a few, consider creating wolf armor with armadillo scute to reinforce their health. This helps when preparing for war against the undead monsters at night! Alternatively, it adds a bit of aesthetics to your furry companions.


Automatic Crafting

Redstone engineers and fans of efficiency will love the new automatic crafter block in Minecraft 1.21! This provides players with the ability to continuously and effortlessly create items. Remember, this is powered by redstone and uses other functional blocks – like hoppers to constantly feed materials into it. This is how you and others alike can begin building factories in Minecraft without mods. Examples include taking iron ingots from a farm and making them into blocks.

Minecraft Automatic Crafting


Mace Weapon

Minecraft Mace

After many years, the Minecraft 1.21 update will release a new weapon for players to use against monsters or others. This is known as the mace, a unique tool that increases its damage depending on the amount of blocks fallen. In other words, jumping from a mountain and hitting another player deals great damage. You can even negate all fall damage if landing a successful attack! This comes in handy if you have an elytra or wind charge – changing how you PvP in Minecraft.


Experimental Minecraft 1.21 Server

As we wait for the update to release, some players might not want to sit around twiddling their thumbs. Fortunately, you can create an experimental Minecraft 1.21 server to play with friends and try out all the new upcoming features! All it takes is minor configuration and boom – you can successfully enjoy experimental content. Get started today and embark on grand adventures in Minecraft 1.21 upcoming features, right now!

Start Your Minecraft Server

Get started with your own minecraft server in 5 min and start trying out these great features.