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Excalibur Resource Pack for Minecraft

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mc head By Nathan Young

Excalibur minecraft resource pack

After playing through Minecraft with friends on a dedicated server, some of them may want to spice up the gameplay. An extremely popular way to do this is to use resource packs, introducing a wide variety of new textures and designs to the world. These can even implement 3D models for blocks, mobs, and items that surpass the 2D graphics of Minecraft. If you’re interested in customizing your experience, then consider using the Excalibur resource pack for 1.13 to 1.20. This transforms the game into a medieval-like environment, which might be perfect for those wanting to immerse themselves. Almost every single texture is remade and is actively being updated with newer versions of Minecraft. Many players use this pack combined with mods or plugins to provide the best gameplay experience. This is amplified with custom worlds too! Regardless of how you use this, we’ll be showcasing the Excalibur resource pack for Minecraft in this Apex Hosting guide and its installation process to get you started on a fantastic adventure with friends.

How to Download

  1. Navigate to Excalibur on CurseForge, then click Files near the top.
    Excalibur Resource Pack
  2. Locate your desired Game Version from the list below on this page.
  3. Proceed to press its three vertical dots on the right and click Download File.
    Excalibur Resource Pack Download
  4. Save this somewhere easily accessible on your computer for later.


Client Installation

Setting up resource packs is extremely easy and simple to do in Minecraft, as there’s a built-in feature to quickly install them. However, we strongly encourage you to use Optifine for the best possible results in-game. This introduces shaders and custom lighting effects that amplify the beauty of Minecraft. Keep in mind that this is completely optional and not required to install the Excalibur resource pack. When you’re ready, follow the instructions below to begin.

  1. Launch Minecraft and click the Options button from the main menu.
  2. Continue to press Resource Packs, then select Open Pack Folder.
    Minecraft Resource Pack Folder
  3. In the newly opened window, drag and drop the downloaded zip file into the folder.
    Excalibur Resource Pack Installation
  4. Return to Minecraft and click the Arrow icon on the resource pack to activate it.
    Minecraft Excalibur Resource Pack
  5. Confirm this change by pressing the Done button, then wait until everything loads.


Server Installation

As for setting up resource packs on a Minecraft server, you’ll need to review this tutorial. The details of this process are easy to understand and follow but can be problematic for some newcomers to the scene. Due to this, we encourage you to contact our 24/7 Support Team if you have any questions or concerns. Essentially, uploading the resource pack to an external hosting service and pasting its download link in your Apex server panel settings is how you can accomplish this goal. Once you’re familiar with this setup, it’ll only take a few minutes to complete!

Texture Showcase

Minecraft Excalibur Resource Pack

The entire realm of Minecraft is reimagined with the Excalibur resource pack once you enter the world. It’ll be noticeable at first glance, as each block is customized with new textures. As you traverse through the landscape, it’ll be a unique experience unlike Vanilla Minecraft. Keep in mind that this is amplified with Optifine, primarily due to shaders. If you’re wanting to view all the changes, we recommend enabling cheats or becoming a server operator to enter creative mode. Otherwise, feel free to play normally and discover them as you go along. Besides this, we’ll be showcasing the most common blocks, items, and mobs with this resource pack to give you a sneak peek into its magnificent textures.

Building Blocks

Excalibur Resource Pack Building Blocks

The most important blocks in Minecraft are the ones used for building bases, decorating rooms, and creating other structures. Whether you want to build a garden or an enchanting area, the Excalibur resource pack grants you many design choices. The stone and wood textures are semi-realistic, providing players with an immersive experience. This applies to all forms of materials, including stairs, slabs, doors, fences, and many more.

Excalibur Resource Pack Building Blocks

After building your structure’s foundation and layout, decorating comes into play. The Excalibur resource pack has you covered! There are plenty of design choices to choose from, such as uniquely textured mineral blocks, glowstone, redstone lamps, and tons more. This also includes natural types like grass, dirt, ores, and netherrack, among others. Begin customizing your base with these blocks to see what works best!


Other Blocks

Excalibur Resource Pack Other Blocks

Unlike other blocks, there are tons of functional ones to try out with this resource pack. For example, your storage rooms and crafting areas will be revamped with extra details. This is especially true for ladders, enchanting tables, lanterns, smokers, and more. There’s even brand new artwork for paintings, furthering your immersive experience in Minecraft. Remember, the amount of blocks changed by this resource pack is almost everything! This means you have endless possibilities.



Expanding your unique adventure with custom blocks is great, but what about items? The Excalibur resource pack gives you overhauled textures for all of them! This makes tools, weapons, armor, and other types more realistic. For example, wood swords look fragile while diamond variants show off strength. Remember, this pack revamps Minecraft in a medieval-like way, giving players an interesting way to enjoy the game.

Excalibur Resource Pack Equipment Items


Food Items

Excalibur Resource Pack Food Items

Eating is important, as your survival depends on it! Fortunately, players can satisfy their hunger with enhanced food items from the Excalibur resource pack. This makes everything appear tastier to consume while adding extra details. For instance, cakes now have a piece taken out of it with lovely frosting to enjoy. Sadly you’re unable to taste such treats, but in-game your character is savoring every moment.



Each mob in Minecraft is now reinvented with the Excalibur resource pack, with all having unique details according to their design. Examples include pigs being covered in mud, sheep having large wool, cows having realistic features, and even villagers being more human-like. These textures complement the world around them, along with blocks and materials. Building farms in Minecraft will be different and exciting with all these new changes!

Excalibur Resource Pack Passive Mobs
Excalibur Resource Pack Hostile Mobs

On the other hand, hostile mobs appear darker and extra terrifying to encounter in the wild. Creepers have deep sunken eyes and colors blending in the night, while skeletons are bright white with revamped models. Similar concepts apply to others too, such as zombies and spiders. However, endermen became incredibly spookier to find roaming in the Minecraft world due to their texturized body. Make sure to slay or avoid these creatures at night.


Resource Pack FAQ

Why does it say “made for an older version of Minecraft”?

This happens when your Minecraft version is newer than what the resource pack was made on, an older update. Most of the time, you can ignore this message since only textures are being replaced with custom ones. However, we suggest making sure you have the same versions together for the best results.

Why are shaders having problems with my resource pack?

Resource packs might have custom skies or other lighting effects, meaning shaders may cause some issues. Solving this involves finding some that complement the textures, especially if you’re noticing visual problems everywhere. Alternatively, you can try tweaking the shader options in the main menu to see if that helps.

Can you force players to use this pack on Minecraft servers?

Yes, change the “Require Resource Pack” option to “True” in the Minecraft server settings area. Afterward, save these changes and restart to load the pack in-game for everyone to use. If successful, players will be able to use the new textures when prompted upon joining the server.

How can you combine this resource pack with another?

You can combine resource packs in Minecraft together by following this tutorial. Keep in mind that some issues might arise, as few textures might overlap or look differently in-game.

Is it possible to remove specific textures from the pack?

Yes! You can do this by manually editing the files of your resource pack. Simply open the zip file and begin deleting or adding your own inside of it. Proceed with caution though, as this can occasionally cause issues.

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