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Gladiator Game Event

Be the last one standing

Second Apex Hosting Monthly Event

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Gladiator Games Event

Play a UHC variation of Survival Games as well as a gamemode called “Blackout”.

Open up to 72 players each game, hosted by Apex Hosting.

Event Date


On 3/05/2022

Event Time


At 3:00 PM EST

Event Location


Event Objectives
Apex Event

Event Objectives

How to play in our event?

Obtain objects

Participate in UHC Games

72 Players with no natural health regeneration, the players spawn with full iron armor and a stone sword. When a player dies, they will drop a golden apple and when there are 4 players or less, a 1 minute “Time until Meetup” counter will start.

Gather items

Participate in Blackout

Regular Survival Games loot tables. Players search chests during the day and fight other players during the night. Chests refills once the night cycle ends.

Fight with Players

Last one surviving gets to win

Winners of each game/round will win a $50 Amazon Gift Card and a Free 4GB server for 2 months.

Event Prizes

Epic prizes to be won!

To the First Place UHC Winners

  • $50 Amazon Gift Card
  • Free 4GB server for 2 months

To the Second Place Blackout Winner

  • $50 Amazon Gift Card
  • Free 4GB server for 2 months

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you guys host events?

We aim to host a unique event once every 1-2 months.

How will I know when the next event is?

The best place to find all news regarding events is in our Discord server.

How do I join events?

Information such as server version and IP are posted in our Discord shortly before the event starts.

What types of events does Apex Hosting make?

We aim to have a variety! One event may be purely focused on PvP, while another could be centered around puzzles.

Do I get anything for winning an event?

Usually 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners receive a prize. Specific prize details can be found in the #events channel in our Discord server.

Can I use a custom client in the events?

Clients that do not provide an unfair advantage are allowed. If a player is caught cheating in any way, they will be banned and blacklisted from participating in any future events.

Can I record myself playing in the events?

Of course! We encourage you to record yourself participating. Who knows, you just might turn the footage into a YouTube video that goes viral!