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EvenMoreFish Minecraft Plugin

Last modified on Apr 18, 2023 in plugins

mc head By Nathan Young


Minecraft has many features to offer players, from combat to exploration. However, when you aren’t fighting zombies or discovering new biomes, there are other activities to enjoy. One of these is fishing, allowing players to catch sea creatures and unique loot. This is a wonderful way to obtain enchanted books, food, and more helpful resources. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything else that fishing has to offer, leading some to look for Spigot plugins to enhance the experience. Introducing the EvenMoreFish addon, which completely changes how you fish in-game. This allows players to get custom items, have fishing competitions, and to earn money from selling their loot. Whether you’re wanting to hunt the biggest fish or simply make some cash, this plugin can do that and more. We’ll be reviewing how to download, install, and use EvenMoreFish on your Minecraft server in this Apex Hosting guide.

How to Download

  1. Navigate to EvenMoreFish on Spigot, then click Download Now near the top right.
    EvenMoreFish Plugin Download
  2. Save this file somewhere easily accessible on your computer for later use.
  3. Do the same process for Vault and PlaceHolderAPI, as they’re plugin dependencies.



Our simplified panel grants you the ability to quickly install any plugin you want, including EvenMoreFish. The entire process will only take a few minutes to complete. Make sure to have all the downloaded files on hand and ready for this installation. When you’re ready, follow the instructions below to begin. If you’re needing additional information about this, then review our detailed tutorial here.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel and click FTP File Access near the top left.
    Minecraft FTP Server

    Important: Confirm you’re using the correct Server Profile for this process.

  2. Proceed to enter your password and press the Login button.
    Minecraft FTP Login
  3. Locate and enter the plugins directory, then click Upload at the top left corner.
  4. Continue to drag the files into the respective area and wait for them to reach 100%.
    EvenMoreFish Plugin Installation
  5. Afterward, return to the main panel and Restart the server to load them.
  6. Join the server and run the /plugins command to confirm they’re enabled.
    Minecraft Plugins Command

    Note: If successful, they’ll appear as green in the list.


In some cases, there is no “plugins” directory in the server files. If this happens to you, make sure to use Spigot or Paper for the Game File section of the main panel, as this is required. Afterward, simply Restart the server so it generates the folder. Alternatively, you can manually create this in the main directory of the FTP panel. Once the “plugins” folder is there, proceed to continue accordingly.


Getting Started

Minecraft Custom Fishing

Upon joining your server with EvenMoreFish installed, start by crafting a Fishing Rod and finding nearby water sources. These can be lakes, ponds, oceans, or just a few blocks wide. Additionally, if you have an enchanting table with available XP, try making the best fishing rod. For example, having Lure III will increase how many fish bite your hook. Using these enchantments will greatly improve your experience and possibly influence your loot outcomes.

Catching Fish

As for catching fish, simply hold your fishing rod and right-click towards the water block. Wait for particle animations to appear and pull the hook underwater, then reel it in.

EvenMoreFish Catching Fish

After doing this, you’ll see a chat message appear with the type of fish you caught. It’ll also display the size and rarity of them, including unique items. Do this process for as long as you want, but make sure to have enough fishing rods since they’d break after too many uses. Alternatively, use the Mending enchantment to continuously repair the item for unlimited casts. It may be best to try AFK fishing if you’re wanting lots of loot, as it can take too much time sitting and waiting for fish to bite.

Fish Rarities

Players who’ve caught many fish likely know that there are different species and types of them. There are four main categories to collect: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. We’ll list a few examples down below to help you understand each possible type to catch in the wild.


EvenMoreFish Common Fish

As the category suggests, common fish tend to be boring or plain creatures. Tadpoles are popular among these kinds of catches, but there are many other types to find. For instance, there is Tuna, Rockfish, Black Carp, Lemon Shark, and so much more. Their weight ranges from 1-30 cm, making them small critters to collect.


EvenMoreFish Rare Fish

One tier above common leads you to rare fish, with unique items being in the same category. This is a bit more interesting than the previous type, as Penguin Feathers, Jellyfish, Coral, Squid Ink, Frogs, and others can be found when fishing. Rare catches can weigh between 20-150 cm, which is a lot better than smaller fish.



EvenMoreFish Epic Fish

This category brings many fascinating creatures to catch, such as Whales, Dolphins, Axolotls, Turtles, and many more. These can be extremely satisfying to find while fishing, as they only appear every so often. Each one can vary between 125-800 cm, making them moderately to enormously sized fish. Some even have unique lore behind them, so hover over your catch to learn more.


EvenMoreFish Legendary Fish

The final tier of fish and items to collect is legendary, with a ridiculous range of 800-4000 cm each time you catch one. They can come in many different forms, such as a Starfish or even Spongebob. Due to their unbelievable scarcity, finding these kinds of fish will come as a surprise. Most players may not even obtain a single legendary item, as it’s super rare.


Fish Bait

EvenMoreFish Fish Bait

Besides enchantments to help you get more fish, using bait is the next best tool to use. These can be found when fishing, with some ranging across rarities. Shrimps are the most common one to find, but there are others like an Epic Elixir or a Legendary Lure. Depending on the type of bait you catch, it’ll determine the amount of fish it applies on. Additionally, some only attract specific rarities and will only work on them. These bait items can be stacked together on a fishing rod too.


Selling Fish

Once you’ve caught an entire inventory full of fish and other items, you may sell all of them in the shop. Otherwise, selecting specific ones is an option too if you want to display or keep your haul. After selling some, you’ll notice the prices are different for each fish. This is due to their respective size and rarity, meaning you want the biggest or rarest type for the most money. As for accessing this GUI, it requires the /emf shop command, which isn’t available to default players. The “Commands” subsection later on discusses more about granting plugin permissions.

EvenMoreFish Selling Fish


Fishing Competitions

Minecraft Fishing Contests

Another fun aspect to EvenMoreFish is contests, which are automatic or manual competitions for any participant to enjoy. Server operators or players with access can use the /emf admin competition start [seconds] [type] command to forcibly begin an event. Simply replace “[seconds]” with the amount you want, then enter a specific version of the contest in the “[type]” placeholder. These can be the following: LARGEST_FISH, MOST_FISH, SPECIFIC_FISH, SPECIFIC_RARITY, and LARGEST_TOTAL. Their names are straightforward and self explanatory, but you can learn more about each one in the plugin’s official contest wiki. Alternatively, you can configure competitions in the settings to become automatic so they run at certain times in-game.


If you’re wanting players to sell their fish, items, or access other abilities, then giving them permissions is required. These are managed by plugins like LuckPerms, which create ranks or groups that have specific commands associated with each one. Alternatively, being a server operator bypasses this and grants full access. A full list of EvenMoreFish abilities can be found down below with their respective permissions.

/emf helpN/AReturns a list of player commands.
/emf topemf.topProvides the leaderboard of top players during a competition.
/emf toggleemf.toggleEnable or disable the ability to catch custom fish.
/emf shopemf.shopOpen a GUI to sell your custom fish.
/emf adminemf.adminReturns a list of admin commands.
/emf admin clearbaitemf.adminRemove any and all bait from a fishing rod in your hand.
/emf admin reloademf.adminReloads the config files to apply recent changes in-game.
/emf admin versionemf.adminProvides the plugin’s information.
/emf admin competition start [seconds] [type]emf.adminBegin a specific fishing contest for any amount of time.
/emf admin competition endemf.adminForcibly end the fishing contest.
N/Aemf.use_rodIf requires-fishing-permission is enabled, this permits anyone with it to catch custom fish.



As for the plugin’s configuration, you can find this in the FTP panel where its files are located. These include the types of bait, fish, rarities, and competitions that are available in-game. This means you can tweak their chances of being caught, the prizes for competitions, and so much more. These are split into different files, with straightforward names such as rarities, fish, competitions, etc.. Accessing and editing them are easily done with panel editor, which you can learn how to do in the steps below. However, review EvenMoreFish’s wiki to understand the specifics for each setting, placeholder, and other variables.

  1. Navigate to the FTP File Access area from the main server panel.
  2. Login and continue to the plugins directory, then press the EvenMoreFish folder.
    EvenMoreFish Plugin FOlder
  3. Locate your desired file to tweak, such as config.yml, then press Edit to the right.
    EvenMoreFish Config File
  4. Proceed to make your changes and click Save at the top.
    EvenMoreFish Plugin Settings
  5. Return to the main panel, then Restart the server to apply the changes.


Common Issues

Plugin Isn’t Loading
If EvenMoreFish isn’t loading or becoming enabled, then double-check you’ve installed its dependencies. Remember, these include the Vault and PlaceHolderAPI plugins. They are required to make everything work properly, but make sure you upload them into the correct file location on the right Server Profile. Afterward, the plugin will begin working without any issues. However, you’ll need to Restart the server upon installing them.
Cannot Catch Custom Fish
In some cases, the plugin will become enabled but no one can catch custom fish. This is due to missing PlaceHolderAPI, so make sure this gets installed too. Otherwise, disable the requires-fishing-permission setting in the config.yml file and Restart the server to resolve the situation. Alternatively, add the emf.use_rod permission to the player and/or rank via your group managing plugin.
Unable to Use Commands
Remember, either adding permissions from the plugin to your group manager or becoming a server operator is required to use all commands. These are the only solutions to the situation, unless you prefer using the Console area from your main panel. However, it could be a simple issue of using an incorrect format when executing commands. Double-check you’re properly running them with their corresponding arguments.

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