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Enterprise Console

  • DDoS Protection
  • Management
  • Monitoring
  • Deployment

Nitrado Enterprise brings your game servers to the next level. Always stay in control, manage your servers in one place and benefit from various handy features to save time and money. Protect your playerbase against DDoS attacks with our in-house developed Anti-DDoS solution SteelShield™.

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Official Servers

Offer players the ability to start the game and join a server right away. Setting up official servers allows connecting that automatically pairs you with other players. This option can be easy for players to connect to, as these servers are almost always online. In most cases, the player will not even realize you are connecting to the server, as our process is streamlined to connect players to each other. This is seen in many online shooters which put focus on fast-paced gameplay rather than customization options. By going with Apex Hosting, we allow customization to fit whatever your need may be. This can be a join option which automatically selects a server based on location, or it may be different game modes with a selection of official servers for the player to choose from.

Private Servers

Provide players with the ability to create and customize their own world using private servers. When customization, larger control, and privacy over a game are the end goal, a private server can provide this access. Unlike official servers, private servers are hosted by the individual and are only open to desired players. Because of this, private servers often have access to mods, custom worlds, and administrator controls that are not available through official means. These servers are often prevalent in survival games, but they may occur in others as well. This option can be easier to connect and play to a dedicated server as there is significantly less traffic to deal with. These servers often require more intervention from players to configure, but will provide a much more personalized experience in the end.

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Control and Flexibility

Decide what happens, when and where. You are in control and have full flexibility when it comes to anything regarding your servers. An intuitive interface makes it easy to control your inventory, mass deploy instances, monitor any data-point you need and, best of all, everything is fully customizable to meet your needs.

Money and Time Savings

Pay only for what you really use. We are taking the guesswork out of growth. Using a bare metal base and adding the ability to flexibly scale up or down to and from the cloud exactly when you need. Additionally, we are cloud-agnostic and you can use any provider of your choice. Fast and efficiently.

Security and Stability

We put the gaming experience first. DDoS attacks are a real threat to your game and how users experience it. We protect you and offer a hassle-free and field-proven solution like no other. Additionally, our data centers are placed in strategic locations all around the globe and offer cutting-edge server technology with a focus on optimized gameplay.

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Get in conversation with us and tell us about your games. Our team of highly trained engineers is available 24/7 for any questions you might have.