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Enshrouded Servers Now Available at Apex Hosting!

Posted: Jan 24, 2024 in Company News

mc head By Nathan Young

We’re starting the new year right – give a warm welcome to Enshrouded, the newest game added to our server list. You and your friends can embark on a whole new adventure in a world shrouded in mystery. Discover fallen creatures, hidden knowledge, and craft legendary equipment to prepare for epic battles. There are many activities and features in Enshrouded, making it perfect for those looking to host dedicated servers. We provide you with all the necessary tools to customize your gameplay experience, including access to all the game files. Whether you want to implement minor adjustments or advanced configurations, you have plenty of opportunities with our Enshrouded server hosting. What can you expect? Let’s begin to unravel the mysteries of this game!

Enshrouded Server Hosting is Available!

We want you to jump into Enshrouded with friends as soon as possible, so navigate to our Pricing Page to get your own dedicated server, if you haven’t already! Our user interface is designed to be simple, yet advanced. We provide you with plenty of options, settings, and tools to make necessary changes. Whether you want to simply edit the server name or tweak game rules, the choice is yours to make. If you want to take a glance at the files, then consider using our FTP panel. This area provides you with everything, even allowing you to download or edit any document. We’ll discuss more about the benefits of hosting an Enshrouded server with us later on. In the meantime, what’s the gameplay like?

Embervale and The Fallen Secrets

Enshrouded Server Hosting

As you load into Enshrouded, a broken-down world will emerge. Don’t let this scare you away, as the vast lands are beautiful and full of life – unless it’s completely infested with fallen creatures. You are the Shroud survivor, a person whose objective is to rebuild the long-forgotten kingdom that your ancestors destroyed. Their foolish actions opened the door for Embervale to become the Fallen Realm. Traverse through its many challenges to uncover hidden knowledge, leading to your character being empowered.

Collect bountiful amounts of resources and craft equipment to strengthen yourself. Whether it’s common tools or legendary weapons, you have plenty of items to consider. However, establishing a new kingdom is also on your list of priorities. This can only be accomplished by creating a village, and then populating it with lost citizens around the world. Search for them and who knows, some might choose to be your personal companion.

Enshrouded Dedicated Servers

Further along your journey in Enshrouded, expect to discover new areas and dark dungeons. These are remnants of lost knowledge, so look for unique items and hopefully, it’ll be worthwhile. Watch out for fallen creatures though! If you find yourself in the midst of battle, experiment with special skills and abilities to claim victory. Use your equipment to defeat all enemies, while also casting magic. There are lots of ways you can choose to fight, especially with all the different types of skills.

Shape your own destiny with friends and allies in Enshrouded! Rebuild the lost kingdom and unite the Fallen Realm together to combat hostile forces. Choose your companions, equipment, and skills wisely – otherwise, you might fall victim to enemies. As the Shroud survivor, take charge and explore Embervale to discover its many hidden treasures.

Rent Enshrouded Servers Today!

We offer you a wide selection of locations for you to host Enshrouded dedicated servers. Choose the perfect one that best suits your needs, then explore all the panel options and settings to personalize your experience. No need to worry about losing any progress or data, as our system automatically backs up everything. Invite friends to your Enshrouded server to have loads of fun, especially with custom settings. We’re proud to welcome this game into our Apex Hosting community. Have a good one, gamers!

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