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Enshrouded Melodies of the Mire Update Out Now!

Posted: Jun 5, 2024 in Enshrouded

mc head By Nathan Young

Big news – Enshrouded released its second massive update! Introducing Melodies of the Mire, a new patch that adds a wide variety of features. These include a new biome, enemies, items, quests, QoL changes, and so much more. There are also improvements to server management! With all of these features in mind, we’ve summarized the most important ones to know before jumping into Enshrouded. Let’s check them all out to kick-start your new adventure with friends!

Melodies of the Mire

Enshrouded Update 2 Melodies of the Mire

As of June 5th, Enshrouded released its Melodies of the Mire update. This is an extremely large patch that impacts various aspects of the game. Whether it’s minor tweaks or new features, this update drastically changes Enshrouded. The main focus of Melodies of the Mire is its new biome, offering players a whole new world to explore and conquer. This area has many secrets awaiting to be discovered, but new dangers lurk around every corner. Consider using a new weapon with other items to claim victory! Sounds interesting? Check out the highlights of Enshrouded Update 2: Melodies of the Mire in the sections below.


Near the far north of Revelwood, players are able to find Blackmire – a new region that offers a unique adventure unlike any other. Everything is bigger in this realm, from the high tops of trees to the massive sunken ruins. You’re able to find new quests, challenges, enemies, items, and even skill points. Be extremely careful though, as dangerous obstacles are scattered throughout the land. Fortunately, players that are between levels 13-15 have a strong chance to survive. Grab friends and embark on this journey to Blackmire!

Enshrouded Blackmire


Valory of the Silverstrings

Enshrouded Valory of the Silverstrings

Rescue a new NPC, Valory of the Silverstrings, to learn crafting recipes for instruments. This may not sound too exciting at first, but playing music in-game has plenty of benefits. For instance, doing this adds to the rested buff duration and replenishes it too while exploring. Musical instruments come in handy when ensuring survival, while also breaking the silence with some tunes. There are four types to try out: lute, drum, harp, and flute.


Dual Wielded Daggers

There have been changes to all classes to improve combat balancing, but dexterity-based builds needed more options. This is why dual wielded daggers are now available to obtain in Enshrouded! Choose the best daggers for your character, then try them out. Unleash powerful attacks against enemies with speed and efficiency. It’s almost like you’re an assassin! You’ll need to be up close and personal with any foe, so make sure to master the arts of dual wielding.

Enshrouded Dual Wielded Daggers


Quest Improvements

Enshrouded Missed Quests

One of the most requested features in Enshrouded is here! You’re now allowed to complete Embervale quests individually in multiplayer and dedicated servers. This new player-based progression system is perfect for large groups of friends, as now no one misses out on the story. You’re able to find all missed missions in the “Quests” menu. You might have to replay some to get them considered to be completed though.


Enshrouded Server Roles

On the topic of multiplayer and servers, you’re now able to assign roles. This grants a player with specific permissions, depending on what you select. Whether you’re playing multiplayer or hosting your own dedicated server with us, this feature comes in handy to better manage the gameplay experience. The available roles are Helper, Friend, and Admin – all with their unique set of abilities. This means you’re able to have players help you out without needing administrative perms.

Enshrouded Server Roles


More Features!

Enshrouded Update 2

There are tons of other features and changes in the Enshrouded Melodies of the Mire Update. These include combat balancing tweaks to each class, equipment stats, farming, enemies, UI, and much more. This update impacts almost every aspect of Enshrouded, making it a game-changer. We highly recommend checking out the official changelog on Steam if you’re curious about these extra changes. It’s a long list, so buckle up!

Update 2 – Enshrouded

The second update of Enshrouded is here and ready to be played by thousands of gamers! Melodies of the Mire introduces a wide variety of features that amplify how you enjoy adventures. Hosting your own Enshrouded server to play with friends is a great way to explore Blackmire and all the new changes. Get started today and jump into the action with dual-wielding or musical instruments. Take the time to discover all the secrets hidden in ancient ruins too, it’s worthwhile!

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