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Enshrouded Hollow Halls Update

Posted: Mar 26, 2024 in Enshrouded

mc head By Nathan Young

Attention all shroud survivors – the biggest update to Enshrouded is here! Introducing Hollow Halls, expect tons of new features and improvements. Some examples include new dungeons, legendary rewards, decorative plants, round doors, quests, and QoL changes to improve the gameplay experience. This update is jam packed with much more, just wait and see! Grab friends and embark on exciting adventures in Enshrouded: Hollow Halls. Whether you want to focus on building the best home or become the ultimate survivor with new weapons, you have plenty of features to explore. Let’s begin to learn more about them!

Hollow Halls – New Enshrouded Content

While exploring the large world, players may stumble upon a new dungeon. This can be found in every biome, offering you a new enemy faction with scattered resources around. There’s even a mysterious crafting station with its own set of recipes, don’t miss it! You might also find unique legendary rewards, but only if you’re the best at slaying the horrors within this dungeon. Proceed with caution, as there are many hostile enemies lurking in the shadows – waiting to pounce you.

Enshrouded Hollow Halls Update

Consider finding new weapons as you dive deep into these dungeons, they might just save your life! Afterward, try talking with the Alchemist for new quests to further explore the lore of Enshrouded. Besides that, fans of decorating their base can talk with Emily the farmer to begin gathering various potted plants. Otherwise, use round doors and windows to further personalize your home. These features aren’t everything though, so be sure to check out the official changelog for more information. Who knows, you might be surprised!

Enshrouded Hollow Halls

Instead of new content, what about QoL improvements? There are tons of them! For instance, the loot and gifting UI both were changed to reflect community feedback. Additionally, players can now ping the world map to help their comrades navigate through the terrain. As for performance, the 60hz refresh rate issue is now resolved – giving players a smoother experience on higher frame rates. Beyond these changes, there are countless bug fixes and other minor details that overall improve the gameplay for anyone playing Enshrouded.

Update Summary

Here are some highlights from the Enshrouded Hollow Halls update:

  • New dungeon, legendary rewards, and an enemy faction
  • Unique decorated potted plants, round doors, and windows
  • Extra quests with various collectibles and new weapons
  • New mysterious crafting station with its own recipes
  • The looting and gifting UI are streamlined for players
  • Magical chests can now be used at workshops
  • Resolved the 60hz refresh rate issue for smooth experiences
  • New ping system for the world map to help everyone


Enshrouded Hollow Halls Server Hosting

Explore all the wonders of the Enshrouded Hollow Halls update on your own dedicated server with friends for the best results. These experiences are amplified with others, especially when hunting enemies in the new dungeons or unlocking the mysteries behind the special crafting station. Whether you’re a fan of combat, building, or overall performance improvements, this large update covers everything. Grab friends and begin your adventures today!

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