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Enlightend Minecraft Mod

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mc head By Nathan Young

Enlightend Mod


As players in Vanilla Minecraft continue to explore and go on many adventures, they may notice a lack of features in the End dimension. There’s only a few structures scattered throughout the void world with the vast majority of it being empty islands. This may lead them to search for modifications to enhance their gameplay in this dimension. Whether you want new mobs or biomes, there’s plenty of these addons to try out. One of these is called Enlightend, a Forge mod that introduces unique environments, items, resources, and creatures to the End dimension in Minecraft. These features don’t disrupt vanilla gameplay, meaning there’ll still be normal islands and other aspects in the world. This is perfect to play with friends and family, especially if you’re wanting an enhanced version of the game. Setting this up is quickly done on our panel, but may be difficult for newcomers. Due to this, we’ll show you how to install and use the Enlightend mod on your Minecraft server in this Apex Hosting guide.

How to Download

  1. Navigate to Enlightend on CurseForge, then click Files near the top.
    Enlightend CurseForge
  2. Scroll down to locate your desired Game Version for this mod.
  3. Once found, press its three vertical dots on the right and click Download File.
    Enlightend Mod Download
  4. Save this somewhere easily accessible on your computer for later.
  5. Repeat this process for the dependency mod, GeckoLib, so everything works.


Client Installation

Before doing anything, you and others need to install Forge on the Minecraft launcher. This is required to have mod compatibility, making this extremely important. When you’re finished with this process, follow the steps below to use Enlightend in-game.

  1. Open your Minecraft launcher and press Installations at the top of your screen.
    Minecraft Installations
  2. From here, locate and click the Folder icon for your previously installed Forge profile.
    Minecraft Forge Profile
  3. Proceed to enter the mods directory from the list in the newly opened window.
    Note: If you don’t see this, then create it before continuing the installation.
  4. Drag and drop your downloaded files in this area, then return to the launcher.
    Enlightend Mod Installation
  5. Click the Play button for your Forge profile to begin loading the mods.


Server Installation

Similar to the previous section, you’ll need to install Forge and the corresponding game version on your Minecraft server. This process is done by selecting it from the Game File area in the main panel, then restarting to load its files. Once you’re finished, follow along below to install Endlightend on the server.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel and click FTP File Access near the top left.
    Minecraft FTP
  2. Type your Password in the text box and press Login to reveal your files.
    Minecraft FTP Login
  3. Locate and enter the mods directory, then at the top left corner click Upload.
  4. Continue to drag and drop your downloaded files in the respective area.
    Enlightend Mod Server Installation
  5. Wait for them to reach 100%, then generate a new world from the main panel.
  6. Afterward, make sure to Restart the server to begin loading everything.


Getting Started

Enlightend Mod Guide

After joining the server, you’ll need to gather supplies and venture off to the End dimension. This alone can take some time, as you must find the stronghold containing its portal. On top of this, players should take preparations beforehand due to the world’s challenges. These may include crafting strong armor, weapons, tools, and/or collecting building materials. Once you and others are prepped, it’ll be time for this new adventure in Minecraft. There’s lots of interesting features never before seen in the game from the Enlightend mod, which we’ll break down in the subsections below to get you started. However, it’s encouraged to install JEI on your launcher to begin viewing new items and their crafting recipes from this modification to have an easier playthrough session.

Entering the End

As previously mentioned above, the first step is to locate the End Portal in your main world. This process can be done by throwing Eye of Ender items in the air, as they lead you towards the stronghold structure. Alternatively, using cheats can allow you to use commands for the same goal. Regardless of how you’ve found this portal, make sure to have enough eye of enders to power the frames. After doing this, it’ll be activated and allows you to safely teleport to the End dimension.

Minecraft End Portal
Minecraft End Gateway

When you and others reach this world, begin the fierce Ender Dragon battle to reveal Gateways. These are small structures in the air that allow players to teleport around the dimension. This will be how you find new biomes and other features from the Enlightend mod. Although, it can be extremely easy to get lost in the world. Keep this in mind as you explore and navigate around the environment. If you need help during this process, consider using coordinates or mods to give you useful location information.


Unique Biomes

As for the mod’s features, the main ones are new biomes in the End dimension. There’s a total of four variants, Enderneath, Congealed Forest, Exogas Belt, and Ooze Seeps. Each one will be unique and offer special aspects to anyone within them, but there’s a few changes to the normal End islands. For instance, there’s some interesting blocks like ores all around them. Besides this, you’ll find all the biomes down below to learn more about each type.


Enderneath Biome

Starting off with a completely unique biome, Enderneaths generate under some End islands. This is a challenging environment, as it requires players to either fly with elytras or dig around to reach it. Additionally, almost everything in the biome is toxic towards anything. This means you’ll be given the Irradiated status effect that builds over time the longer you’re within an Enderneath. However, there’s plenty of new resources for players to collect. These include Enduring Wastes, Emissive Bulbs, or Cerulichens that may be helpful along your adventure.

Congealed Forest

Congealed Forest Biome

Instead of an incredibly toxic place to explore, Congealed Forests provide players with a safe area to gather an abundance of wood and other useful resources. There’s even special blocks called Ennegel that’ll constantly make your character leap in the air. This may be the perfect spot to build a base, considering all the available building materials scattered around. Otherwise, this is a nice enhancement to the overall End dimension’s aesthetics. This is amplified by Voidlight blocks brightening up everything nearby.


Exogas Belt

Exogas Belt Biome

Another unique biome to encounter is Exogas Belts, large far away areas that contain valuable minerals and other resources. There’s plenty of asteroids and gasses orbiting high in the void for you to enjoy. However, players should be cautious when entering this domain since there’s a Suffocation effect when exploring in some spots. This’ll be worthwhile though, as collecting the biome’s resources will help you craft or build items and bases. Alternatively, it can be a wonderful background for your base, depending on your location.

Ooze Seeps

Ooze Seeps Biome

As for the last available biome from this mod, Ooze Seeps generate on End islands that have toxic vents spewing gas in the environment. This is amplified by the ground’s toxicity and overall poor conditions for players. However, this place has strange teleportation properties to it. Keep this in mind when traveling to an ooze seep location, but may be worth it due to its unique blocks. These include Voikrust blocks, which are for building and adding detail in your base that’s normally challenging to collect.


New Creatures

In addition to all the different kinds of biomes, there’s a few creatures to stumble upon. These all spawn in specific environments and include Squelchers, Ringlings, among Stalkers. Two of them are hostile, while the other is passive and easily scared by players. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many uses for these mobs, but one plays an important role during your adventure.


Squelcher Mob

The first creatures to find are Squelchers, medium sized critters that float around the Ooze Seeps biome. Watch out for them, as they will shoot you with projectiles on sight. Although, the damage from being shot isn’t enough to quickly kill you in-game. It’s encouraged to have bows for them since they’ll fly around while firing at your character. Sadly, there isn’t a point to slaying squelchers, as they don’t provide any item drops or experience points.


Ringling Mob

While inside the safety of a Congealed Forest, Ringlings may appear out of nowhere. These small creatures will try their best to avoid players, as they are terrified by them. This means each ringling will not attack you, making them passive in the world. Slaying one provides you with experience points, but can be caught with a specific item to satisfy hunger. Besides this, they’re mainly to add life in their environment without any real purpose.


Stalker Mob

As for the last mob, Stalkers will lurk around Enderneath biomes in the End dimension. These semi-lage critters will slowly hunt players and bite them, making them hostile to encounter. However, they drop Stalker Tooth and Raw Stalker items for crafting recipes after slaying them. This makes each creature worthwhile to battle, as these materials can help your adventures. Alternatively, avoiding them is an option since their spawning location is already challenging.


Building Blocks

After playing through the Enlightend mod, you’ll notice tons of new building blocks. These range from colorful wood planks to unique stone types, giving you plenty of design choices for making an interesting base. Whether players use Emissive Underlily or Nullstone, there’s a wide variety of options to try out.

All of these can be crafted, collected, or transformed depending on the block. For instance, Bismuth Sheets turn into different colors if left to oxidize in the world.

Adamantite Equipment

Rather than building bases and exploring the land, consider crafting highly unique equipment in Minecraft. This involves smelting Enduring Wastes to create Adamantite Plates, later turned into its Ingot form. This also requires Malachite to make, found throughout the world in ores. After gathering enough materials, begin to craft armor, weapons, and tools.

These pieces of gear all have an Unbreakable innate effect, meaning nothing can destroy them. They also have the strength and power like Netherite equipment, but a little reduced.

Custom Items

There’s lots of other items from Enlightend, such as several kinds of Darts, Magnets, Ennegel Pasta, and more. Some can be used for combat situations, while others provide other abilities. For example, activating a magnet will slowly pull all dropped items to your character. This makes it a lot easier to collect resources, especially if you’re mining with the best pickaxe in Minecraft.

Another one is Serrated Hooks, as they give the ability to capture ringlings for food. Due to the amount of new items and crafting recipes, we again suggest installing the JEI mod for more information about them.


If you’re unhappy with how the mod generates specific blocks, biomes, or other aspects of their features, then consider customizing the configuration file. This process is quickly done by accessing its settings from the FTP panel, as we have a built-in editor to make everything easier. When you’re ready, the steps below shows you how to make your desired changes.

  1. Navigate to the FTP File Access area and use your login credentials accordingly.
  2. Locate and enter the config directory from this list, revealing its contents.
    Minecraft Forge Config
  3. Afterward, find the enlightend_config.toml file and press its Edit button on the right.
    Enlightend Config File
  4. Make your desired changes, then click Save at the top of this editor.
    Enlightend Mod Settings
  5. Return to the main panel and Restart the server to apply these tweaks.


Common Issues

Unable to Join Server

In cases where you’re unable to join the server, double check you’re entering the correct IP Address:Port or Subdomain when making the connection. If any numbers or characters are misspelled, then it’ll result in failure. This information can be verified through the main panel, near the top. Besides this, an invalid launcher configuration can cause this situation to arise. Make sure you and others have Forge installed, among Enlightend and its dependency mod. Remember, the local mods directory is where your downloaded files are supposed to be. Once you’ve corrected these mistakes, reboot the game and try again on your Forge profile to see if that worked.

Enlightend Isn’t Working

If you’re still having problems joining the server, then this could mean there’s an underlying issue. Solving this requires you to check if any files are missing in the mods directory from the FTP panel, as the same rule applies here like the launcher. In other words, make sure all modifications are stored in this folder and try again. Additionally, confirm if Forge with your corresponding game version is selected in the Game File area from the main panel. If everything is verified, then restart the server and see if that works. However, making a new Server Profile may resolve any unforeseen issues since it’ll create a new directory for your game files. This avoids any possible file conflict from pre-existing ones, giving you the best odds at resolving the situation.

Normal End Dimension

After loading in the End dimension and you or other players noticed there aren’t any changes, then this is likely caused by not generating a new world. Due to the mod’s impact on the map, a fresh start is required. However, if you want to keep progress in the Overworld and still use Enlightend, then click the Reset The End button underneath the World section of your main panel. Confirm these changes by typing “reset” in the prompt, then this dimension will be wiped clean. Alternatively, you can manually delete its specific folder from the FTP panel and restart the server to regenerate it.

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