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Employee Spotlight

Posted: Mar 22, 2023 in Company News

mc head By Dalton Whalen


Since its origins, gaming has grown into a thriving industry for everyone involved. Whether you play some of the many titles for yourself or work within the industry, you can’t deny the growth that has occurred over the past few decades. While this is still considered a male-dominated field at times, women from around the world are also responsible for how far it’s come. For the month of March, we at Apex Hosting, Nitrado, and MCProHosting are celebrating Women’s History Month by interviewing some of the amazing women from our teams to ask about their introduction to gaming, as well as their experiences and expectations within the field as a whole. Without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

Introducing our Employees


Employee Spotlight Taylor Grant

Taylor has always enjoyed gaming, with it all starting on her original Gameboy, then moving to the Nintendo DS and Xbox before transitioning to PC games. In her free time, she enjoys playing calming games like puzzle or organization-based titles, but story games like Detroit: Become Human are also a personal favorite. Throughout her time in the gaming scene, Taylor often finds that if women are bad at a game, many believe it is because they are a woman rather than simply not being great at it. Taylor Grant currently works as a video creator at Apex Hosting to create a variety of tutorials and adds her own charm to her work through a variety of our game selection. Having always been interested in the arts alongside enjoyment for video editing, she pursued her video creation career when the opportunity arose and has continued to maintain the creativity that comes with the role ever since.

Employee Spotlight Erika Sureda

After receiving a Playstation as a Christmas present at a younger age, Erika began playing games like Final Fantasy and Crash Bandicoot, which eventually led to PC gaming in the later years. Currently, League of Legends is her personal favorite and the most played, with PvE/Survival games like Minecraft or 7 Days to Die also being fun to play with friends. While some face challenges as a woman in the gaming industry, Erika is thankful to have not experienced any gender-related issues and for the inclusiveness of her fellow employees. As a billing agent for Apex Hosting, she uses the teamwork and communication learned through her gaming experience to benefit herself and others in a work environment. As gaming expands, Erika believes that Virtual Reality will continue to grow and thrive across the gaming industry as a whole.

Employee Spotlight Arantxa Aguilar

While she didn’t have her own gaming console as a kid, Arantxa spent plenty of time at her cousin’s playing Crash Bandicoot and Metal Slug to make up for it. These days she enjoys games like ARK, Stardew Valley, Minecraft, and still maintains the joy of playing Crash. While not originally planning on being involved in the gaming industry, Arantxa desired a new challenge and began working in support to learn about games and game servers as a whole. Arantxa now uses this knowledge as our Junior Marketing Manager at Nitrado to better understand the community and get involved within it. As gaming continues into the future, she believes that graphics will match and overcome reality as a whole, such as the experiences seen in the film Ready Player One.

Employee Spotlight Tina Klaumunzner

With many titles to choose from and a gamer dad, Tina started playing games when she was young. Over time this became a passion, with her playing and watching gaming content, before deciding to make it a part of her career. Tina started working in Esports during her studies and currently loves many different genres with games such as Assassins Creed, The Witcher, Civilization 6, and much more. While she has worked in very respectful work environments, there have been occasions with clients where Tina felt an increased pressure to prove her knowledge compared to male colleagues, but has since built up trust in herself to handle these with confidence. Tina is currently our DACH partnerships manager at Nitrado and uses her passion to keep herself and customers motivated.


There you have it! With that, you’ve gotten a chance to learn about just a few of the many wonderful women in gaming employees that we work alongside in our teams. Despite each having different introductions to gaming and roles, the industry has allowed them to use their passion and dedication in unique ways. We are honored to work alongside these talented women and thank them for taking the time to perform this interview. We hope you’ve gained some insight into women in the gaming industry and continue spending this month celebrating by teaming up together in-game. Have a good one, gamers!

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