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Editing Unturned Server Commands.dat

Last modified on Nov 17, 2022 in unturned

mc head By Nathan Young


Hosting Unturned servers allow for many customizable features, such as the difficulty and day/night cycles. These are mainly controlled through commands, which are executed in-game. However, for features to remain permanent and active, file configuration is required. Conveniently enough, the file’s name is “Commands”, which shouldn’t be too confusing for owners. Accessing and editing this is quickly done with our easy-to-use editor, as every config file is neatly organized in the panel. After everything is completed and the server starts, all configured commands will automatically run. Whether you set up an overpowered loadout or edit the player’s perspective, using auto-executable commands will help customize your server. Keeping this in mind, let’s learn about automatic Unturned server commands in this Apex Hosting resource.

How to Edit Commands.dat

The main file we’ll be working on is a DAT type, which is for generic information such as commands. Its location on the panel isn’t known to many server owners, so we’ll go through the required steps to edit the file.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel, and near the top left click Config Files.
    Apex Hosting Unturned Config Files
  2. Locate and press the Commands.dat option, which will allow you to edit the file.
    Unturned Commands.dat
  3. Enter any registered command on a blank line. Do this for each one you want.
    Unturned Commands.dat Example
  4. Once everything is configured, continue to Save the changes at the top of the file.
  5. Return to the main panel and Restart the server to apply the commands.


Automatic Server Commands

Now that you understand how to edit Commands.dat in the panel, you’ll want to review popular commands to try out. However, keep in mind that almost every command could work in this file. If you’re wanting to explore more, then check our Unturned Server Commands guide. As one last note, these commands are case sensitive. Make sure to copy and paste them accordingly!

Bind [server IP]Sets your internal IP address to the socket, but isn’t required for Apex Hosting servers.
Chatrate [value]Determines the minimum time between chat messages.
Cycle [value]Controls the day/night transition in seconds.
Decay [value]Sets the time for a player or group to be offline before their structures can be removed by anyone.
FilterToggles the old name filter.
GoldLimits the server to only gold player connections.
Loadout [skillset ID] / [item1 ID] / [item2 ID] / …Assign the starter loadout for new players.
Example: loadout 255/509/511/510
Log [Y/N] / [Y/N] / …Toggles chat, join/leave, death, and anticheat messages in that order.
(Y= Yes, N = No) Example: log Y/N/Y/N
Map [name]Controls the type of map used for the server, but should be configured in “Customizations” from our panel.
Maxplayers [value]Determines the maximum number of players allowed in the server.
Mode [difficulty]Changes the world’s difficulty mode (Easy/Normal/Hard).
Name [text]Defines the server’s name.
Owner [SteamID64]Makes the player owner, giving them admin privileges.
Password [text]Sets the server’s password.
Perspective [mode]Controls player perspectives (First/Third/Vehicle/Both).
Port [value]Defines the server’s port, but isn’t needed on our Apex Hosting servers.
PveToggles Player vs Environment combat.
SyncAllows to sync player data between servers with the same key.
Timeout [value]Determines the max latency for players before timing out.
Welcome [text]Applies a welcome message on the server.


Suggested Commands.dat Setup

These are recommended commands for the file, making it easier to use them on your server.

Loadout 0/180/214
Mode Easy
Perspective Both
Timeout 500
Log Y/Y/Y/Y
Decay 604800
Chatrate 3



Using automatic Unturned commands allow for owners to entirely customize their server. This is extremely helpful for anyone looking to build communities, as spawning with starter loadouts or being welcomed by a message tends to retain players. Although, this isn’t only for public servers since the same features can be applied to private ones. Once you establish suitable commands, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. It stays active until you change the file, so the control is all yours. If something isn’t right, then you can easily edit the settings in our editor to correct it. We wish you the best of luck and hope this guide helped you edit Unturned commands.

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