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How to Make and Use the Echo Shard in Minecraft

Posted: Oct 10, 2022 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young


In survival mode on Minecraft, dying eventually happens to everyone and results in losing gear. Almost every deathly scenario leads players to search for their equipment, but this can be challenging. For instance, if you die at an unknown location far away from your base, then you’d likely be unable to find your items. However, this can be readily resolved by collecting echo shards and crafting a recovery compass in Minecraft 1.19. The tool will point towards your recent death location for you to gather dropped loot. Although, obtaining the required materials is a difficult task on par with blindly searching for your gear. Knowing this, let’s dive straight into echo shards and recovery compasses to get you started.

Echo Shard

Minecraft Ancient City

As previously mentioned, the echo shards are for the recovery compass to navigate towards the player’s last known death location. These materials are difficult to obtain due to its scarcity, so keep any that you find in the world. The ideal amount to collect is 8, as this is the minimum for the compass. However, don’t expect an easy breeze to loot them since their location is rare. Every single echo shard you can possibly find is located in ancient cities, meaning you have to dig deeply around the world to find them. They have around a 29.8% chance to spawn in a lootable chest, ranging from 1 to 3 items. Luckily, there are plenty of chests within these ancient cities to give you better odds. Otherwise, you may use the /locate structure minecraft:ancient_city command if you have cheats enabled to immediately find them.

Once you collect the valuable resource, make sure to store them safely since you wouldn’t want to lose them. It’s harder to replace echo shards than first encountering them, as you’d likely be more annoyed the second time doing it. If you have multiple people in your world, such as on a server, then make sure to obtain as many as possible. This will benefit your base-buddies if they happen to explode due to a creeper and forget their location, among other deadly scenarios. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to navigate towards the correct spot for their gear.

Minecraft Echo Shard


Recovery Compass

Minecraft Recovery Compass Recipe

When you have enough echo shards, you’ll want to make sure to have a compass on hand. This is required for the recovery variant of it, which requires the ideal amount of materials (8 of them). Once crafted, you’ll see the needle point towards a specific direction. This is where you died, so follow the compass directions to retrieve your items. Keep this at your base, enderchest, shulker boxes, and even on donkeys since it’ll save you tears from losing gear.



Minecraft Recovery Compass

Nobody wants to lose out on their character’s progression, as dropping valuable gear isn’t ideal for survival. This is why many players should locate echo shards to craft a recovery compass to retrieve their equipment. Using this method will likely save you tons of time exploring the world until you find the items. If you don’t have the compass, then spending too much time hunting for your death location may cause the gear to disappear. Minecraft has an automatic timer for entities to be removed, including all your items. Rather than letting this happen, start searching for echo shards to make the recovery compass so you may secure your loot.

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