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Dynmap Subdomain Setup

Last modified on Feb 27, 2024 in General

mc head By Nathan Young

One of the best ways to help players on your Minecraft server is to install the Dynmap plugin, introducing a real-time map for anyone to view. This gives you the ability to see bases, villages, factions, and tons of other valuable information. It’s an incredibly popular plugin for servers but can be tricky to fully configure and personalize. Players must use an IP address and port to view the map in their browser, making it unprofessional compared to those with domains. Fortunately, there’s a quick and easy solution! If you already have a domain, then you can add a subdomain for users to access the online map. This is similar to Tebex stores, as it uses your existing address with a suffix to help create a more streamlined experience for the community. The process of setting this up is extremely involved, so we’ve created this Apex Hosting guide to show you how to create a subdomain for Dynmap.

How to Create a Subdomain for Dynmap

Remember, this tutorial requires you to have an existing domain. These cost money and vary in price depending on the used service. For our purposes, we’ll be using GoDaddy to showcase the steps to configure a subdomain for Dynmap. This involves accessing your DNS settings and setting up “A Record” and “Forwarding” fields, respectively. We strongly recommend using the same address as your Minecraft server but can be something completely different if you want. In cases where you want more professionalism, consider creating a subdomain for Dynmap. The following subsections will guide you through this process.

DNS Access

  1. Navigate to GoDaddy and login with your account credentials.
  2. Afterward, head towards the Products page and locate your desired domain.
  3. Once found, click the DNS button on the right side of it.


A Record Setup

  1. While viewing the DNS Records category, click Add New Record near the top.
  2. Proceed to fill out the following fields:
    Type: A
    Name: map
    Value: Numeric IP Address, without Port
    TTL: ½ Hour or Default
  3. Once you’re finished, click the Save button underneath the fields.
    Minecraft Dynmap A Record Setup

    If successful, the A Record should appear similar to our example image.


Dynmap Forwarding

  1. Select the Forwarding option at the top of your DNS page.
  2. Afterward, click Add Forwarding for the Subdomain category.
    Minecraft Subdomain Forwarding
  3. In the Subdomain field, enter “map” and your Dynmap URL / IP underneath it.
    Dynmap Subdomain Guide
  4. When you’re finished, change the Forward Type to “Forward with Masking”.
  5. In the new prompt below, add “Dynamic Map” or anything else for the Title.
    Dynmap Domain Setup
  6. Proceed to click Save at bottom when everything is filled out.


Using Dynmap Domains

Minecraft Dynmap Domain

Upon completing all the above steps, players should be able to access the subdomain in their web browser. Our example is “map.MyDomain.com” – used by you and others alike as the URL. In some cases, it may take up to 24 hours for everything to be accessible. If you’re able to view the online map with your subdomain, then others can too. However, the domain provider can provide more information about the problem if no one is unable to view / access it. When everything goes accordingly, players can freely look at the map to find resources, bases, and villages, or to check the world’s progress. This feature comes in handy for factions or survival Minecraft servers but can be used however you see fit.

Dynmap Subdomain FAQ

Why is my map not appearing on the subdomain?

This happens when DNS settings aren’t configured properly or matching correctly. Double-check the Forwarding setup, specifically the “Subdomain” fields since they should match the A Record details. Additionally, make sure the destination URL is your Dynmap numerical address with its webserver-port. This isn’t your primary Minecraft server port, as it’s the one from the configuration.txt file from the plugin.

Ensure all the DNS settings are correct, then the situation will be fixed. Although, you can confirm if the map is accessible through its original address just in case. Contact our Support Team if you’re still having trouble accessing Dynmap unless it’s related to your domain provider.

Why am I unable to edit the A Record fields?

After creating the Forwarding fields, the A Record cannot be edited. If you want to make changes to that, then delete the forward section and continue accordingly. Make sure to replace it when you’re finished, so everything works properly. If you still have issues configuring the DNS settings, consider reaching out to GoDaddy or your domain provider for support.

Is GoDaddy required for Dynmap subdomains?

No, but any domain provider is required. We highly recommend using GoDaddy, but feel free to try other services instead. These cost money, regardless of which one is used for this process.

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