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Dokucraft Resource Pack for Minecraft

Last modified on Feb 20, 2024 in resourcepacks

mc head By Nathan Young

Amplifying the visuals of Minecraft involves using resource packs, downloadable content that transforms the world. There are endless possibilities with them, as they introduce new textures to the game – including models. One of these is called Dokucraft, offering semi-realistic medieval graphics for each block, item, and mob. Everything is now enhanced with 32x resolutions, meaning there are more pixels for greater details. There are three versions of the Dokucraft resource pack, allowing you to choose multiple styles. However, the overall textures remain the same or similar enough when comparing them together. This pack can be installed on your Minecraft server, meaning you can have all players use the same textures. Otherwise, setting it up on your singleplayer world is another way to enjoy it. With this in mind, we’ve created this Apex Hosting guide to show you how to install and use Dokucraft in Minecraft.

How to Download

  1. Navigate to the Resource Pack area on Dokucraft’s website.
  2. Select your desired texture pack, Light, Dark, or High.
    Dokucraft Download
  3. Afterward, select the Game Version on the left-hand side of your screen to download it.
    Dokucraft Texture Pack Download
  4. Save this file somewhere easily accessible on your computer for later.


Client Installation

Mojang makes it super easy to install resource packs in Minecraft, as it only takes a few minutes. Simply drag and drop your downloaded file into a specific folder, accessible in-game. Afterward, you’re finished! The steps below will show you how to do this and activate Dokucraft in Minecraft. However, we recommend using Optifine for an improved experience. This is amplified with shaders too, especially with the resource pack’s resolution. Keep in mind that this is completely optional and not required to get started.

  1. Launch Minecraft and navigate to the main menu, then click Options.
  2. Afterward, select Resource Packs and Open Pack Folder.
    Minecraft Open Pack Folder
  3. Proceed to drag and drop the downloaded file into the newly opened folder.
    Dokucraft Installation
  4. Return to Minecraft and click the Arrow icon to begin activating it.
    Dokucraft Resource Pack Minecraft
  5. Confirm this change by pressing the Done button, then wait for this to load.


Server Installation

In cases where you want to set up the Dokucraft resource pack on your Minecraft server, review this tutorial. This process involves using an external service to generate a new download link, then using it in your Apex server panel settings accordingly. It can be challenging to do this, so we strongly advise you to follow the linked guide above. However, you can contact our 24/7 Support Team if you have any questions or concerns about this process. Besides this, you’ll also need to change the “Require Resource Pack” setting to “True” so players get prompted to use Dokucraft while playing on your Minecraft server.

Texture Showcase

Dokucraft Minecraft

Remember, each type of Dokucraft will have similar or identical textures compared to each other. The only difference is the color hue changes, but everything else will be relatively the same. Besides this, there are unique animations for a few items, blocks, and mobs that aren’t in Vanilla Minecraft. One example includes enchanted books having unique icons and particle effects depending on the enchantment. This provides a more immersive experience for players, especially with overhauled GUIs. We suggest joining the singleplayer world or multiplayer server to begin experimenting with the Dokucraft resource pack. Additionally, enabling cheats or becoming an operator can allow you to enter creative mode for quick access to the new textures. Otherwise, continue reviewing the subsections below to learn more about Dokucraft!

Building Blocks

Dokucraft Blocks

Every single block with the Dokucraft resource pack is improved with new textures, making them appear fancier compared to the simplicity of Minecraft. Examples include a wide variety of doors with unique designs to highly detailed stone and bricks. This is also true for the Nether dimension, as its many biomes are changed too. There are even some 3D effects on leaves!

While exploring the depths of cave systems or running around biomes in the Overworld, players will notice exciting textures from Dokucraft. Mineral ores now display a more realistic look compared to the standard appearance in Vanilla Minecraft. This is amplified by their block variants, such as diamond having more structure to it. Similar effects are applied to crops and other natural blocks.

Dokucraft Blocks


Other Blocks

Dokucraft Textures

The medieval aspect of Dokucraft really shows when looking at interactive blocks like crafting tables, ender chests, minecarts, TNT, and others. Players can use these textures to make their castles come to life, especially with the new animations from torches! There are plenty of extra blocks to admire too, such as anvils, ladders, barrels, shulker boxes, etc.



Besides blocks, every item in Minecraft is also changed with Dokucraft. Whether you use the Light, Dark, or High versions of this resource pack, the textures are similar. Wooden swords now reflect a low quality design, while diamond variants show high details. Armor pieces have unique aspects to them now, which is determined by the mineral used for it – among elytras being completely remodeled.

Dokucraft Items


Food Items

Dokucraft Food Items

Keeping in touch with the medieval and semi-realistic aspects of Dokucraft, food items now appear wildly different from its original counterparts. Everything from apples to berries look and feel real, especially pumpkin pie.

However, suspicious soup has a fast paced animation unlike anything seen before in Minecraft. This helps to signify that it’s not a normal food item, as players will be granted random effects from it.


Every creature, animal, and NPC gets brand-new textures! Examples include realistic sheep, chickens, and fantasy-like villagers as orcs. There are unique variations of some mobs too, like wild pigs. This helps with immersion, as Dokucraft is designed to be game changing. We strongly advise you to check out other passive critters to see their details.

Dokucraft Passive Mobs
Dokucraft Hostile Mobs

When the darkness sweeps across the land, monsters will spawn. These mobs are scarier looking with the Dokucraft resource pack, especially the terrifying design of skeletons or zombies. If you have arachnophobia, the fear of spiders, then you might be horrified to see its new textures. There are plenty of other creatures to be on the lookout for – so be careful!


Resource Pack FAQ

How can I fix the “made for an older version of Minecraft” message?

You can resolve this message by switching to a compatible Minecraft version for the resource pack or redownloading another release of it to ensure compatibility. However, this message won’t ruin or break the gameplay since it’s only warning you that it’s outdated. There might be missing textures for newer items or blocks, depending on the used version.

Can I combine Dokucraft with another resource pack?

Yes! You can do this by following this guide. Although, we advise against doing this since Dokucraft changes everything in Minecraft. Merging it with another pack can cause problems. Proceed at your own risk.

Why are my shaders not working properly with Dokucraft?

Dokucraft offers a wide range of new textures, including atmospheres – which might cause issues with shaders. Solving this involves finding compatible ones with the resource pack. Otherwise, tweak your shader settings to see what works best.

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