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Doggy Talents Minecraft Mod

Last modified on Jun 23, 2023 in Mods

mc head By Nathan Young


Taming animals in Vanilla Minecraft servers is an activity that many players enjoy, especially wolves for extra protection. These tamed dogs allow you to easily overcome hostile mobs or other enemies, but occasionally feel limited. Some players may want more customizable options for their pet, such as collars or better combat features. Fortunately, using modifications can introduce these aspects into your Minecraft world. If you’re wanting to have a unique way to manage your dogs, then consider trying the Doggy Talents Forge mod. This permits you to level them up, assign a wide range of skills, play fetch, among other exciting features. Setting this up to build an army of trained wolves with friends is quickly done on our panel. However, newcomers to the hosting scene may not fully understand our system. Due to this, we’ve created this Apex Hosting guide to show you how to install and use Doggy Talents on your Minecraft server.

How to Download

  1. Navigate to Doggy Talents on CurseForge, then click Files near the top of your screen.
    Doggy Talents CurseForge
  2. Scroll down and locate your desired Game Version for this modification.
  3. Once found, click the three vertical dots on the right and press Download File.
    Doggy Talents CurseForge Download
  4. Save this somewhere easily accessible on your computer for later.


Client Installation

Before trying out Doggy Talents, you and others need to install Forge on the Minecraft launcher. This is required for supporting mods in-game, making this important. After you’ve done this, follow along below to begin using the modification.

  1. Open your Minecraft launcher and click on the Installations button near the top.
    Minecraft Installations
  2. Locate your previously installed Forge profile, then press its Folder icon.
    Minecraft Modded Profile
  3. Find and enter the mods directory from the newly opened window.
    Note: If you don’t see this, then create it before continuing with the installation.
  4. Proceed to drag and drop the Doggy Talents file into this folder.
    Doggy Talents Client Installation
  5. Return to your modded profile and click the Play button to begin loading the mod.


Server Installation

Similarly, you’ll need to install Forge with its corresponding game version on your server. This is done by selecting it from the Game File section of the main panel, then restarting to load the files. Once you’re finished, follow the instructions below to install Doggy Talents.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel, then click FTP File Access near the top left.
    Minecraft FTP
  2. Type your Password in the text box and press the Login button to gain access.
    Minecraft FTP Login
  3. Locate and enter the mods directory, then click Upload at the top left corner.
  4. Simply drag and drop the Doggy Talents file into the respective.
    Doggy Talents Server Installation
  5. Wait for this to reach 100%, then return to the main panel and Restart the server.


Getting Started

Doggy Talents Mod Guide

After joining the server, players should arm themselves with weapons and armor to prepare for skeleton battles. In other words, you’ll want to get lots of bones to tame any wolves you come across. However, doggy treats are needed to make them officially your tamed pet. Due to this item from the mod, it’s encouraged to install the JEI modification to easily view its crafting recipe. This applies to everything too, such as cosmetics and food bowls. Alternatively, reviewing the official wiki for Doggy Talents is another option to accomplish the same goal. There’ll be many items to craft and use for your dogs, with the majority of it being consumables. Besides this, we’ll break down everything you need to know in the subsections below to get started with this mod on your Minecraft server.

Taming Wolves

Previously mentioned above, taming wolves is the first step to get started. This requires bones, which may require lots of them since each animal needs a randomized amount. It’s recommended to search for wolves in forests and other similar biomes in the world. If you don’t have enough bones, then capture and save them for later. However, players may already have some wolves and can move forward to the next steps.

Minecraft Tame Wolf


Dog Ownership

Doggy Talents Treats

Players wanting to customize their dogs and give them special abilities need to craft a Training Treat item. This requires 1x String, 1x Bone, 1x Gunpowder, 3x Sugar, and 3x Wheat. It’s heavily suggested to make a farm for these materials, as you’ll need lots of treats. These aren’t just to make your wolf a pet, as they’re used to level them up too. This means training treats and other variants are required if you’re wanting the best possible dogs.

Once you’ve crafted one, simply right-click your tamed wolf to transition them into a custom pet.

Customizing Dogs

When you’ve done all the steps needed to get a customizable dog, you can right-click with a stick to open its menu. Players will immediately notice several skills to the left, with additional features on the right-hand side. For example, you can give them names in the text box below or change its mode from docile to guard for unique behaviors.

Doggy Talents Mod

Another option is to change the dog’s appearance, accessible from the Texture Index setting. Besides this, you can view its level and available points at the bottom, used for assigning skills. Additionally, near the top right corner you can see the dog’s stats, such as speed or age.

Combat Skills

Doggy Talents Combat

Treats and its other types, such as Super Treats, can level up your dogs. After doing this for some time, players can assign them talents that provide the animal with special abilities. For example, increasing the Poison Fang skill will make their attacks more powerful. There’s many other ones too, like Hell Hound allowing dogs to set their target on fire. Other ones may include increasing their movement speed or unique actions.


Other Skills

As hinted above, there’s plenty of other talents and skills for dogs to obtain. An important one is the ability to mount them, which is only done through Wolf Mount from the customization menu. Another power that’s possible is Fisher Dog, allowing them to catch fish for you. These types of talents are extremely useful, especially if you get multiple dogs with specialized abilities. However, remember to always craft enough treat items to continuously boost their stats.

Doggy Talents Mounting


Doggy Cosmetics

Doggy Talents Cosmetics

Another wonderful feature is to add extra items on your trained dog, such as capes, collars, and sunglasses. This is mainly used for personalizing your animals, serving no other major purpose. Whether you’re making a professional guard hound or a friendly buddy to explore with, there’s many opportunities to get creative. Otherwise, it’s a great way to differentiate between your dogs.


Living Conditions

Never forget to treat your dogs with kindness, as they require food bowls, baths, and beds. Players can place meat inside of the bowl so they can freely eat when needed. A similar concept is applied for bathing and resting, so make sure to build a dog house for them. If you’re a picky builder, then consider using colored wool for their beds. All dyes can be used for them, giving you more options for designing the best place for your doggies.

Doggy Talents Food and Water Bowl

Remember, using the JEI mod or official wiki is how you can quickly view all crafting recipes.

Helpful Tools

Doggy Talents Radar

There’s other items players can use to easily manage their dogs, including Collar Sheers, Radars, Radio Collars, Throwable Sticks, Treat Bags, among several others. These can help you locate or play with them, which plays an important role in your world. For instance, if you lose track of a dog, then using radar to quickly find them solves the issue. Otherwise, simply playing fetch with them can be an enjoyable way to interact with your doggies.

Almost all of the items’ crafting recipes are inexpensive, allowing anyone to make them.


If you’re wanting to customize Doggy Talents in any way, then tweaking its configuration files is required. These are stored in your FTP panel, but are world-specific and not globally compatible. This means each map you have on the server can have different settings for your dogs. For instance, disabling a specific role for dogs or hunger for them is possible. Regardless of your intentions, follow along below when you’re ready to edit the mod’s options.

  1. Navigate to the FTP File Access and login with your password.
  2. Afterward, enter your world’s directory and press the serverconfig folder.
    Forge serverconfig Folder
  3. Once there, find your desired config file and click Edit to the far right of it.
    Doggy Talents Config
  4. Proceed to make any changes, then press the Save button near the top.
    Doggy Talents Settings
  5. Return to the main panel and Restart the server to apply the edits.


Common Issues

Unable to Join Server
One of the most common issues to encounter is entering an incorrect IP Address:Port or Subdomain when connecting to the server. If a simple mistake or error is present, it’ll result in the situation. Double check this information by verifying the address from the main server panel. Afterward, use the correct values for this process to join without further incidents. However, another common problem is having the wrong setup on the launcher. This happens when either not installing Forge with its corresponding game version or failing to transfer the Doggy Talents file into the local mods directory. Make sure everything is correctly configured, then try again.

Doggy Talents isn’t Working
Occasionally, the entire modification will not work on the server or launcher. Solving this is rather simple, as you’ll want to double check Forge is selected in the Game File section with the correct game version. Afterward, restart the server and see if Doggy Talents will load properly. However, if its file is not uploaded fully in the mods directory, then it’ll continue to fail. Otherwise, creating a new Server Profile and repeating the installation may resolve everything. This creates a separate folder to store all your game files on the FTP panel, removing any internal conflict with pre-existing documents.

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