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Do Villages Spawn in Flat Worlds?

Posted: Jul 1, 2024 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young

Amplify your Minecraft server or singleplayer experience with customized worlds for both Java and Bedrock Edition. This can be accomplished by changing the settings when creating the world. However, one important feature in Minecraft is villages – as they provide resources and the means to trade for exclusive items. This is especially crucial for those wanting to survive in flat worlds, as there are no trees or water sources. Players may be unsure if they generate with these custom settings. This begs the question, do villages spawn in flat worlds? The short answer is yes! Let’s take a closer look at this to get you started on a new Minecraft adventure.

Villages in Flat Worlds

Minecraft Flat Villages

While playing on a flat world in Minecraft, villages spawn by default. These structures are commonly found while exploring, as there isn’t anything else that can generate. Villages provide you with the chance to obtain wood, cobblestone, saplings, iron ingots, and many other items from trading. Flat worlds don’t have these basic resources, making villages extremely important for survival. Whether you’re playing on Minecraft Java or Bedrock Edition, finding these structures is easy!

Dedicated Servers

If you’re hosting a Minecraft server with us, then you’re able to quickly enable flat worlds in the settings. Locate the “Level type” option and enter “flat”, then save these changes. Afterwards, you may generate a new world to start playing! Remember, villages will spawn by default – so no other changes are required to get started.

Minecraft Superflat Villages Singleplayer


Minecraft Server Flat Level Type


In cases where you want to try this out in Minecraft Java Singleplayer, all you have to do is enable the Superflat “World Type” option. Afterwards, make sure to enable “Generate Structures” so villages can spawn. There are other settings too, even making it possible for you to change how many layers the world has – including adding stone or ores. It all boils down to what your desired gameplay experience is, so start trying things out.


Minecraft Bedrock

Similar to Java, Minecraft Bedrock Edition allows you to create and customize your own flat world. Simply enable this option when creating your world to get started! Villages should spawn by default on this version of the game, without any need to further edit the settings.

Minecraft Bedrock Flat World


Flat World Survival in Minecraft

Surviving against the odds in a flat world on your Minecraft server or singleplayer map is difficult, but luckily villages can spawn! These structures give you almost everything needed to stay alive, including basic resources, rare items, and even water sources. Whether you build a trading or crop farm, you have plenty of options. Get started today and grab friends to embark on a flat world adventure in Minecraft.

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