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Dave’s Potioneering Minecraft Mod

Last modified on Sep 5, 2023 in Mods

mc head By Nathan Young


Potions in Vanilla Minecraft have limited uses, with drinking and splashing effects onto players being their primary ones. This serves a great purpose for combat situations, but can sometimes frustrate users wanting an easier and fancier way to use them in-game. On top of this, brewing potions takes time and doesn’t allow for complete automation, leaving some players to search for modifications to enhance their experience. This introduces Dave’s Potioneering, a Forge mod that overhauls how you make and use effects in Minecraft. For instance, players can have multiple ingredients lined up to continuously brew potions. Other features include a gauntlet with several effects to use in combat and other brand new items to try out. Setting this up is straightforward and easily done through our panel, but can confuse new owners. Due to this, we’ll show you how to install and use Dave’s Potioneering on your Minecraft server in this Apex Hosting tutorial.

How to Download

  1. Navigate to Dave’s Potioneering on CurseForge’s website.
  2. Near the top of the page, click the Files option.
    Dave's Potioneering CurseForge
  3. Locate your desired version for the mod, then select it.
  4. Afterward, press the Download button and save the file somewhere easily accessible.
    Dave's Potioneering Download
  5. Do the same for the GeckoLib mod, as it’s a required dependency.


Client Installation

Anyone wanting to use this modification will need to install Forge on their Minecraft launcher, as this is required for it. Once you’ve done this, follow the instructions below to begin loading the mod.

  1. Open your Minecraft launcher and navigate towards the Installations section.
    Minecraft Installation
  2. Locate your existing Forge profile, then press on its Folder icon.
    Minecraft Forge Installation
  3. In the newly opened window, enter the mods directory.
    Note: If you don’t see this folder, then create it before proceeding.
  4. Drag and drop the downloaded files into this area, then return to the launcher.
    Forge Mods Installation
  5. Afterward, simply click Play from your Forge profile to begin loading the mods.


Server Installation

As for installing mods on your server, this process will only take a few minutes. Our panel is easy-to-use and uses a convenient FTP area to help you along the installation. Although, it’s worthy to mention that you’ll need to have Forge selected in the Game File to load the mod. When you’re prepared, the steps below will show you how to upload Dave’s Potioneering into the server.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel, then click FTP File Access near the top left.
    Minecraft FTP
  2. Type your account’s Password in the text box and press the Login button.
    Minecraft FTP Loggin
  3. Afterward, locate and enter the mods directory from the file list.
  4. In the top left corner of the page, click the Upload button.
  5. Proceed to drag and drop the mod files into the respective area.
    Dave's Potioneering Server Installation
  6. Wait for this to reach 100%, then return to the main panel.
  7. Restart the server to begin loading the mods, then join to confirm the installation.


Getting Started

Dave's Potioneering Guide

Upon entering your server with Dave’s Potioneering installed, you’ll notice some new items available to craft. Being a server operator and entering creative mode will show you them all, which comes in handy when experimenting with each type. Some of these include Compound Brewing Stands, Reinforced Cauldrons, and other blocks to try out. Remember, everything is associated with brewing potions and using effects. If you need additional information about a specific item, then hover over it in-game to learn more about it. Besides this, players may find it challenging to start out since there’s a lot of features. Due to this, review the subsections below to begin learning how to use these new items, blocks, and functions.

Compound Brewing Stand

Compound Brewing Stand Recipe

Dave’s Potioneering introduces a new block for creating potions, called the Compound Brewing Stand. This requires 2x Crying Obsidian, 3x Basalt, 1x Brewing Stand, and 1x Hopper. After successfully crafting it, you can begin making potions at twice the normal speed and production. For example, players can stack bottles to make multiple effects and even automate the brewing process.


Making Potions

As for brewing potions, the stand’s GUI has 4 additional ingredient slots to use. This goes from right to left, meaning you can continuously create effects if ordered properly. Players may amplify this by using redstone and hoppers to achieve total automation, but requires more resources to accomplish. Once you’ve brewed potions, EXP is earned from it unlike in normal Minecraft. These features are the core of the mod, but there’s more to explore.

Compound Brewing Stand Minecraft


Potioneer Gauntlet

Potion Gauntlet Minecraft Mod

Gauntlets are now in the game, which can be used to fend off zombies or damage other players. The first one is made from 6x Copper, which can be upgraded in a Smithing Table with a Netherite Ingot. Afterward, players can create a Potioneer Gauntlet with 6x Glass Bottles, 1x Lever, 1x Hopper, and 1x Netherite Gauntlet. This is used to carry potion effects, which can be toggled and switched around by the user. Besides this, it’s strongly recommended to use the JEI mod to learn more about these recipes.

Injecting Potions

Potion Injector Recipe

As for applying effects on a gauntlet, you’ll need to craft a Potion Injector. This requires 4x Diorite, 2x Leather, 2x Glass, and 1x Stone Button. After making it, you’ll need to gather some supplies and resources to power the gauntlet properly. This process may take some time, but is well worth it.


Players need to make Lingering Potions and collect Blaze Powder to activate the Potioneering Gauntlet. Once you’ve done this, place them accordingly in the Potion Injector’s GUI menu to power it online. There can be a total of six different effects, allowing flexibility and different combinations to use in combat.

Potion Injector Minecraft


Using a Gauntlet

Potion Gauntlet Minecraft

When you’ve successfully powered a Potioneering Gauntlet, hold it in your hand. Afterward, press shift + middle mouse button to begin rearranging the popup for the different effects. Once you’re satisfied with the placement, use shift + scroll wheel (up & down) to begin switching between potions. Players can play around with combos to try out, but you’ll need to activate the blaze powder before using it.

Do this by shift+ right click on your keyboard, which changes the appearance of the gauntlet. At this point, feel free to kill players or monsters with your new ability.

Reinforced Cauldron

Reinforced Cauldron Minecraft

Another wonderful feature from Dave’s Potioneering is Reinforced Cauldrons, used to store any potion and be an unlimited water source for bottles. For example, players can store Instant Damage or Poison, which changes the liquids color accordingly. This serves as the means to begin coating weapons in effects, or any item if configured in the settings. Crafting this block requires 1x Cauldron and 6x Gold by its side. Once a player obtains this, they may begin using it freely.

Coated Weapons

Activated Reinforced Cauldron
Potion Weapon Minecraft

If you’re looking to apply damaging effects on a sword or tool, then coating it in a reinforced cauldron is required. However, you’ll need to right click it with Dragon’s Breath to activate its magical properties. After doing this, simply throw your desired item inside of the liquid and wait until the potion is drained. Once this process is complete, collect and hover over it to reveal the applied effect. While the item is in your hand, other players can see particles from it and change depending on the potion effect used for the process. As for how many times you can wield it, there are a total of 25 charges. This means it’s limited and must be recoated for additional effects.

Extra Items

There are other items and materials available for players to use in-game with the mod. These range from new potions to umbrellas, all having unique properties. Review the information below to gain a better understanding of the extra items. Additionally, it may be beneficial to review the Official Roadmap of Dave’s Potioneering to learn more about them, among planned features.

Milk Bottle

Milk Bottle Minecraft

Instead of using a bucket full of milk, players can choose to have Milk Bottles. These remove any harmful or positive effects from their character, but have other uses too. For instance, adding milk to a reinforced cauldron allows coated weapons to be cleansed. This can help clear unwanted effects from items, especially if it wasn’t meant to be on it.

Invisibility 2

Upgraded Invisibility Minecraft

Invisibility in Minecraft has particle effects that other players can see, which can be frustrating if you’re planning a sneaky attack. Fortunately, the mod introduces Invisibility 2 that removes these visuals from your character. It’s considered an overpowered mechanic, but allows for more creativity and flexibility in the server.


Umbrella in Minecraft

There are tons of different Umbrellas to use in your game, with some looking cooler than others. These allow players to block incoming potion attacks from splashes. This feature changes how you and others combat each other, but can also serve as a cosmetic item. They are rather large in-game, even when dropped.



Some owners may want to tweak a few aspects to Dave’s Potioneering, which is done through the configuration file. This is accomplished by using the FTP panel to access its contents. Once you’re inside of it, you can edit the gauntlet’s cooldown or allow all items to be coated in potion effects. The instructions below will guide you through this process.

  1. Head towards the FTP File Access area, then Login with your Password.
  2. Navigate towards the following directory: …/[world_name]/serverconfig.
    Minecraft Forge serverconfig Folder
  3. Once there, locate and press Edit on davespotioneering-server.toml file.
    Dave's Potioneering Config
  4. Proceed to make your desired changes, then click Save at the top.
    Dave's Potioneering Config
  5. Return to the main panel and Restart the server to apply the edits.


Common Issues

My Mod Isn’t Working

In some cases, Dave’s Potioneering won’t work due to it being installed incorrectly. Double-check you’ve uploaded the file into the mods directory for both the server and client. Additionally, make sure to do the same process for the required dependency. However, if this is done for the wrong Server Profile, then it’ll result in failure. Confirm you’re using the right one to install Dave’s Potioneering on the server. This should solve the situation, but you must Restart the server to load the modification. Otherwise, try rebooting your launcher to see if that gets everything working properly.

Unable to Edit Settings

Remember, you must Save all changes in the file editor from the FTP panel, then Restart the server to apply them. If you do anything else, then any edits will not work in-game. However, sometimes owners may use incorrect formatting to change the settings. Make sure to follow the right amount of spaces, values, and spelling when making changes.

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