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Minecraft CustomOreGen Plugin

Last modified on Oct 17, 2023 in Plugins

mc head By Nathan Young


In almost any Minecraft server, players search for mineral ores to craft better equipment, obtain in-game money, among other activities. Depending on the game type, this can be a long or difficult process. For instance, Skyblock servers don’t have natural caves for players to collect materials. Solving this particular scenario involves Spigot plugins, with one of them being CustomOreGen. Using this on your server allows players to create cobblestone generators, but with unique ores or blocks instead of stone. There can be many different versions of them, as you’re given the ability to completely customize their settings. Whether you’re wanting an overpowered generator that spawns diamond blocks or simply iron ore, this plugin can do that. We’ve created this Apex Hosting tutorial to walk you through the installation and configuration of CustomOreGen on your Minecraft server.


  1. Navigate to CustomGenOre on Spigot, then press the Download button.
    CustomOreGen Spigot Download
  2. In the next page, click on the plugin’s .jar file and save it somewhere easily accessible.
  3. Head towards your Apex server panel, then press FTP File Access near the top left.
    Minecraft FTP Server

    Important: Ensure you’re using the correct Server Profile for this installation.

  4. Login with your password and enter in the plugins directory.
  5. Near the top left corner, click Upload and drop the .jar file into the respective area.
    CustomOreGen Plugin Installation
  6. Wait for this to reach 100%, then return to the main panel and Restart the server.
  7. Join and use the /plugins command to confirm if it’s working.
    Minecraft Plugins Command

    Note: If “CustomOreGen” appears as green, it’s successfully installed.


Getting Started

Minecraft Custom Block Generators

Before configuring your custom generators, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with its design. Essentially, having flowing water touching lava creates a stone block. Setting this up can be done by reviewing our resource here, but there are multiple designs to try out. Once the water transforms the lava into stone, you may encounter other blocks if configured in the plugin. This also may naturally happen, depending on your server’s game type. We’ll be covering a basic generator and editing it to your liking in the following sections.

Beginner Generator

Minecraft Iron Ore Generator

The first generator most players will see is the Beginner one, only allowing stone, iron ore, and sandstone to spawn. This doesn’t require any prior configuration or permission setup, as it’s enabled by default. However, server operators will automatically have access to the VIP generator that spawns almost all iron ore. If you’re wanting to customize the possible blocks, then editing the plugin’s configuration file is required. Although, the default generators may already be useful in your server, so adding other ones is the next step.

Creating New Generators

Briefly mentioned above, customizing your generators is required for adding new blocks to the mix. These can be anything you want, such as diamond ore, end stone, or even ancient debris. Make sure your generators are suitable for your server, as having a too powerful one can become problematic. A popular issue is oversaturating the in-game economy due to diamonds becoming easily attainable. Regardless of what you implement, accessing the plugin’s file is needed to make these changes.

  1. Head towards your FTP File Access area and login, then enter the plugins directory.
    Minecraft Plugins Folder
  2. Locate and continue to the CustomOreGen folder.
  3. Afterward, press Edit to the right of the config.yml file.
    CustomOreGen Config File
  4. Make any necessary changes, then click Save at the top.
    CustomOreGen Settings
  5. Navigate to the main panel and Restart the server to apply the edits.


Configuration Breakdown

There aren’t too many settings, but we’ll be going through them to get you started. However, keep in mind that the “blocks” options require item IDs from here to work in the file.

labelName of the generator, also used for placeholders.
blocksCategory of blocks that spawn in a generator, with its chance to the right of each material.
permissionSets the required permission node for players to use the generator.
unlock_islandLevelUnlocks the generator at a specific island level, but requires a SkyBlock plugin.
enable-stone-generatorToggle if vertical stone generators change into custom ones.
enable-particle-effectToggle smoke particle effect when a block is generated.
enable-sound-effectToggle the hiss sound effect when a block is generated.
disabled-worldsSet specific worlds for the plugin to not work in.


Generator Example

The following settings are popular with server owners, which you may use or test out.

    label: "Example"
    - STONE:50.0
    - SANDSTONE:30.0
    - IRON_ORE:10.0
    - GOLD_ORE:5.0
    - EMERALD_ORE:3.0
    - DIAMOND_ORE:2.0
    permission: 'oregen.example'
    unlock_islandLevel: 0


Assigning Permissions

Once you have custom generators, you’ll want to make sure the permission node is assigned to the players or their ranks. This can be done through LuckPerms, a group managing plugin to set abilities for users. For example, using the oregen.example permission from your generator will allow others to use it, even if it’s on a rank or someone’s account. Otherwise, having no node in the configuration will allow everyone to use it.

Plugin Commands

There aren’t too many commands, but these can help admins or moderators manage the plugin.

/CustomOreGen reloadCustomOreGen.adminReloads the configuration file, applying any recent changes.
/CustomOreGen inspect [player]CustomOreGen.adminDisplays generator information for a player.


SkyBlock Compatibility

Minecraft Custom SkyBlock Island

CustomOreGen is completely compatible with SkyBlock, as this is an extremely popular game type. The best way to set this up is using our premade server and the plugin together, which saves you a lot of time. Otherwise, install one of the SkyBlock plugins down below to see if that’ll work. Either way, combining these offers your players a new way to obtain materials.

PluginGame Version
BentoBox1.13 to 1.19+
ASkyBlock1.8 to 1.12
AcidIsland1.8 to 1.12
uSkyBlock1.14 to 1.18
Island World1.7 to 1.12


Common Issues

Generators Aren’t Working
In cases where no generators are working, try enabling the enable-stone-generator setting in the configuration file. This allows for all generators to be used in the CustomOreGen plugin. Additionally, make sure your world isn’t disabled in the same file since that’d create issues. Alternatively, double-check if you have the correct permissions for what you want. Remember, LuckPerms or another managing plugin is needed for these abilities. Otherwise, becoming a server operator can work too.

Plugin Isn’t Working
After installing CustomOreGen on your Spigot server and it doesn’t work, ensure you used the correct server profile. However, the issue’s origin can be related to an incompatible game type. For example, standalone Forge servers cannot support plugins and should only be on bukkit-based ones instead. Confirming this and your profile will likely get this working for you. Although, it could be a simple issue of uploading CustomOreGen in the FTP panel. Make sure the file reaches 100%, then Restart the server to apply the plugin.

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