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Start a Capture The Flag Server

Last modified on Mar 4, 2020 in gametypes

mc head By apexhosting

Minecraft Tutorial

Setup Time: 5 Mins
Setup Difficulty: Easy
Players: 2+


Capture the Flag!

Why? Because if you played Runescape’s Castle Wars, Ace of Spades’ Capture the Flag Mode, or CTFMarto, you’ll realize how fun it can be. For those who have no idea, here is a summary.

  • There are two teams, red and blue.
  • Your goal is to go to your enemies’ base and grab the flag.
  • Once you have the flag, you need to sneak back to your base and place the flag, ultimately scoring you a point.
  • Once a team reaches ‘x’ points, they win.
  • Players can’t deliver the flag to their base unless their flag is there.
  • That means if both flags were picked up, the flag would have to be returned before a point is scored.

Getting Started

View the entire guide to the CTF minigame from the developer here.


We have pre-done all the ranks for you with Member, Mod, Elite, Admin & Owner.

Member is the default rank everyone will join as with permissions to join and play.
Mod is a staff rank with basic moderation permissions (/kick, /mute, /ban)
Admin has All the permissions to run the server.
Owner has every permission

The ranks can be edited using PEX (Note that you will need to set yourself to owner at first) .

Unique Plugins


Common Plugins

Placeholder API
Holographic Displays
World Edit
Title Manager

Works Used