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CSGO Paris Major 2023

Posted: Jun 12, 2023 in CSGO

mc head By Nathan Young


Yet another multi-million dollar esport tournament for Counter-Strike came and went. These events are regularly held for anyone to enjoy, especially when watching your favorite professional players. Whether they put up a good fight and still lost or absolutely crushed their opponents, it’s always an entertaining major. There’s a lot on the line for these people, as they’re risking reputation, pride, and money. Similar to previous tournaments, a total of 24 teams go head-to-head in furious CSGO competition. Interestingly enough though, there’s many newcomers to the scene that’ve never been in an official major before. Some returning teams are obviously on the board, but a substantial number of them are completely new to everyone. This in itself is unique compared to past events, with one wild aspect being that this is the last tournament for the game. Don’t panic, it’s because of the upcoming release of Counter-Strike 2! This means that every team, spectator, and announcer lived in history during Paris Major 2023. The next one comes way down the line in 2024, so we have plenty of time until another event like this happens. With this in mind, let’s dive right into the most hyped up major of CSGO!


Professional competitive matches in CSGO have been around for a long time, with some being played multiple times in the same year. This applies to both Antwerp 2022 and Rio 2022 majors, which accumulated millions of spectators. These types of events are everywhere in the world, always giving people an opportunity to watch it live. As for the latest and last tournament for the game, it’s held in the capital of France, Paris. The organizer this time around is BLAST.tv, a large platform for esports to entertain the masses.

BLAST.tv Robot

During breaks from the intensive matches, there’s lots of merchandise to purchase while at the major, such as official pins, clothing items, or digital goods like stickers, souvenir skins, and coins. Every tournament provides tons of content to players all over the world, ranging from newbies to old-timers in CSGO. The game’s marketplace is also significantly impacted by these events, especially since BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023 is the last one ever for it.

BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023

CSGO Paris Major 2023

Officially starting on May 8th, this major kicked off for a wild ride. Over the course of the month, countless matches were played to determine what teams were disqualified and advanced. The average viewer count for this tournament was 417,000, with an all-time high of 671,000. Just as previous ones, people can watch it live on Twitch, YouTube, SteamTV, or from an in-game broadcast. This makes it an extremely popular and successful event, a fitting end to an era of CSGO majors. The date marking this historic moment was May 21st, the final chapter of the game’s professional scene. It’s not all sad and dark, remember! There’s Counter-Strike 2 on the way with brand new majors for everyone to enjoy. For the time being though, we’ll have to rewatch our favorite clips and cherish them.

As for the prizes of BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023, a grand total of $1,250,000 was placed into the pot. This staggering amount is shared across teams that fought furiously to rightfully earn their money. If a team were to be disqualified, they wouldn’t be able to take home massive bread. Each professional gamer in this event understands this concept, yet still took the risk of damaging their reputation as skilled players. We must give them credit, regardless if you favor them or not. This is amplified since this tournament is the final one in CSGO, meaning dedicated users will remember. Besides this, what teams actually made it to Pairs Major 2023?

Qualified Teams

CSGO Paris Major Qualified Teams

There’s 24 of them that landed spots in this major, being categorized in three stages. We’ll discuss more in detail later on, but for now some of these teams include: MOUZ, FaZe Clan, Fluxo, Vitality, Heroic, Fnatic, FURIA, and so many others. Determining which ones advance in the event boils down to the Swiss System Format, along with a Best of Three (Bo3) match setup. On top of this, the Regional Major Ranking (RMR) system plays a significant role to help with points for each win or loss.

Before any actual major gameplay, there’s matches played to qualify and narrow down teams for the official stages. Essentially, February to April were the moments needed to determine what teams made it on the roaster for this major. Remember, the starting date was on May 8th and means players had tons of battles beforehand. Sadly, some of these teams lost their drive or skill and were disqualified. This happens and will continue to for future CS2 tournaments, which is okay! We still had 24 teams going at it for the grand prize that entertained millions.

BLAST.tv Stages

CSGO Paris Major 2023 Timeline

After completing the RMRs and taking time to relax, each team was placed in three main stage groups: Challengers, Legends, and Champions. The first two lead into the last, as it’s the grand finale to choose a winner of this major. Teams of 16 battle each other before reaching the last group, as this only has 8 of them remaining. It has a single-elimination rule, so stakes are high for players. Let’s not forget about the Contenders though, which are teams that fight against each other to possibly enter in higher brackets. Sadly, some simply fall off and cannot advance in Paris Major 2023.
RMR Stages – This is the preparation stage for determining which teams advance in the other categories. It can take months to figure this out, as there are too many players wanting to compete. Most spectators don’t mind this stage since they only look for who’ll progress in the real matches. If you’re an investor of CSGO team stickers, then you would likely be tuned in on these RMR battles rather than disregarding them.

Challengers Stage – Moving onto the first major stage, this is the beginner wave of 16 teams facing each other. It started on May 8th, signaling the event officially started. After a few days, it ended on the 11th and took a quick break before jumping into the next stage. Remember, there are Bo3 matches for this group that offer teams more opportunities to advance. Going undefeated is the best option for these professionals, but some can’t win ’em all. Remarkable teams such as ENCE and G2 Esports went 3-0 and didn’t lose a single match.

Legends Stage – Continuing in the middle stage, this is the second wave of 16 teams fighting it out. Keep in mind that some players were already selected for this slot due to their previous record in RMR and/or Challengers. This stage started on May 13th and ended on the 16th with teams progressing to the finals. Just like before, some of them were disqualified and lost out on the major’s prize. This isn’t the case for Heroic and Team Vitality, but we’re not over yet!

Champions Stage – The conclusion of BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023 is this stage, as its name suggests. There’s only 8 teams remaining in this category, all fighting for the grand prize of $500,000. If some failed to reach this feat, they still get compensation for making it this far. It’s important to note that there are three sections for this stage: Quaterfinals, Semifinals, and the Grand Final. Four Bo3 games are played in the first, eliminating half of the initial teams. A similar trend follows suit with the others until a winner is declared. In the quarterfinals, GamerLegion, Apeks, and Team Vitality all went undefeated.

Paris Stickers

CSGO Paris Major Stickers

Throughout the major, online players can purchase team stickers to support their favorite ones. Otherwise, they use them for personalizing their weapons in creative ways. These are sold directly inside CSGO as capsules, which you must pay before opening them. This plays a huge role in the market and economy of the game, typically crashing prices to a new normal kind. Whether you want to support a team or simply try your luck to get the best sticker, millions of capsules have already been unboxed. This trend doesn’t stop after the event is over, as they can still be purchased in-game. This is amplified when Valve introduces the 75% off sale of them.

The Results

CSGO Paris Major Winner

After facing off many teams, only one climbed their way to the top. All of them were literally fighting for their lives, as the amount of money offered to the winner is life changing. This happened to Team Vitality, the leading example of esports in Europe. They’ve won it all during the Champions Stage at the Grand Final, surprising thousands of fans. The prize is nice, but the community has something better in store for them, respect and love. Team Vitality didn’t only just win $500,000 dollars, but also an increased reputation in CSGO. If you’re curious about other teams, review the table below.

Team Vitality1st$500,000
FaZe Clan5th$45,000
Team Liquid7th$45,000
Into The Breach8th$45,000



There you have it, the final major of CSGO and the declared winner of it. Each team spent countless hard working hours to participate in this event. Whether they are new to the professional scene or a returning group, they had to fight their way through the stages. Since this is the last major for the game, everyone’s hearts were racing during every match. The next event is planned already, but won’t happen until CS2 officially releases and players become accustomed to the new changes. For the time being, we can look back at BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023 as one of the most hyped up events for CSGO. We hope this blog helped you learn all about this tournament and its significance. Have a good one, gamers!

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