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CS:GO Low End PC Config

Posted: Aug 24, 2022 in CSGO

mc head By Nathan Young


Playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive leads people to maximize their computer’s power to gain an advantage over enemies, as this game is really competitive. However, if you have a dog water computer and want to play CSGO without issues, then lowering the graphic settings is required. This allows you to be a pro gamer to absolutely destroy your opponents, and even ESL players use low end options to do the same thing. In any case, we’ll go through the configurations to advance your competitive rank to Global Elite!

Low End Configuration

There aren’t a lot of video settings to tweak, but just enough to make it confusing. This is especially true when you have no idea what an option means, but don’t worry! You can copy the settings I’ll showcase down below, as this easily allows you to start playing. However, some critical options will be mentioned to give you a better understanding of what it’ll do. Either way, this will be a quick one for you gamers.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Logo


Video Settings

CSGO Video Settings

The very basics of any game is the resolution, which determines the quality of the visuals. CSGO doesn’t require the best graphics card or settings to perform well, but there is a certain configuration that maximizes performance on any unit.

The Aspect Ratio controls the proportional width and height of the game, and using the Normal 4:3 option makes it feel like Counter-Strike: Source. As for the other options, setting the Resolution to 800×600 will increase FPS but make everything pixelated. Make sure Fullscreen is enabled for Display Mode to get more power too. Alright, so when you have all this configured then enemies will appear larger in-game and make your PC function nicely with the game.

Advanced Video Settings

Let’s continue with the intensive options, which are for fine tuning graphics. These control details for effects, textures, shaders, and models. Lowering everything in this section will increase FPS and overall computer performance. This will greatly improve gameplay for you, as the in-game movements will be smoother and allow you to easily shoot enemies…unless your aim isn’t good. There are specific settings to focus on, such as the Effect/Shader Detail, and Global Shadow Quality. This significantly affects how the game appears, as its influencing details and shadows.

CSGO Advanced Video Settings

Having the best combat experience doesn’t require high quality graphics, so lowering the settings is recommended. There is another option, the Model / Texture Detail, which determines the player models and their textures. The same applies to this setting, lowering it will help run Counter-Strike. Although, the combination of some settings being on Low with others on High can still perform nicely in-game.


CSGO Howl Pandora's Box Gloves

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive doesn’t require much power to run, but for really low end computers, tweaking the graphic settings is ideal. This will make the game look worse, but feel a thousand times better (trust me). Of course, you can selectively choose which options to edit to see what works best for you. We have a wonderful optimization guide for this, which explains the best options for CSGO and troubleshooting problems that may arise. Either way, I hope this was helpful towards your gaming experience!

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