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Craft-List is a server listing site where you can publicly display and browse Minecraft servers. You can quickly link your Apex server to your Craft-List account and have it posted in less than a minute. Once posted your servers is then listed with its relative information for others to review. You can increase your server’s public listing by having players vote for it.

In addition to displaying your server, Craft-List also provides monitoring like viewing server uptime, players online, server icon, message of the day (MOTD), and what country the server hosted in.


Linking Server w/ Craft-List From Panel

    1. Navigate to the respective server you plan on listing from the Apex Panel.
    2. From the servers detail page near the center, click the Connect Craft-List option. If you do not see this option but a + instead, skip to step 5.
    3. You will then be redirected to login to your Craft-List account or register one if you don’t already have an account set up.
    4. Once authenticated your Craft-List account will then be linked with your panel account. You can see this change as the Connect Craft-List option is replaced with a + indicating you can then add the server to the Craft-Listing.
    5. Click the + icon to add a new listing. When adding a new listing you are presented with various input fields used to identify and define your server. Starting off we have:


Server Name:
The name of your server.

Server IP:
The IP of the server.

Server Port:
The port number of the server.

The web address to the website of the server if you have one.

Choose One:
Choose a general category for the server you are listing.

A general description of the server and its features.

Votifier IP:
The IP address used by Votifier

Votifier Port:
The port Votifier listens on.

Votifier Key:
The special key generated by Votifier.


Once you’ve filed in all the necessary fields you can submit your server to be listed on Craft-List where you can then manage it from your Craft-List account.