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How to Configure a V Rising Server Wipe

in V Rising

mc head By Dalton Whalen

V Rising Server Wipes


As you play through a V Rising server, you will eventually work your way up to becoming the most powerful vampire around. While this is great in most cases, this can discourage newer players, as existing players are an overwhelming threat. To combat this, many people requested that an official wipe mechanic is introduced into the game. Thankfully this wish has been granted, allowing players to customize the wipe mechanics on their server to provide everyone with a fighting chance. Adjusting these values is easy with the Apex Hosting customization tab, so we have created this guide to help you get started.

Introduction to Server Wipes

For many, server wipes are a common occurrence in survival multiplayer games. In many games like Rust or V Rising, players that play the longest often have the best items and setup. While being overpowered can be fun, other players may not share this same outlook and may become discouraged. A solution to this dilemma is introduced with a server wipe mechanic.

V Rising Wipes Logo

As the name suggests, a server wipe will reset the entire world, returning players to square one. With players on equal footing, everyone has equal opportunity to play and become powerful. The wipe interval will often change across each server as well, with some servers having a weekly reset and others every month. While a server wipe is not entirely necessary, many players prefer it due to the previously outlined reasoning.

V Rising Server Wipes

V Rising Wipes In-Game

Unlike other games that require plugins to configure automated wipes, V Rising has added the functionality to the base game. These settings come in two options, being a Reset Day and a Reset Interval customization. As their names suggest, the Reset Day is a weekly reset on a specific day while the Reset Interval is the number of days for each wipe.

How to Configure Wipes

  1. Navigate to the Apex server panel, then log in.
  2. At the top of the page, press the Stop button to turn off the server.
    V Rising Wipes Stop
  3. In the left-hand menu, enter the Customizations tab.
  4. Here, locate and configure either of the following options:
    V Rising Wipes Customizations

    Reset Day – Which day of the week the server world will be reset. Set to Any to disable this functionality.

    Reset Interval – The amount of days between each server wipe. Set to 0 to disable altogether.

  5. After configuring the server wipes, return to the main panel page.
  6. Press Start to reboot your server with your newly configured options.



With that, you now know how to locate and configure the server wipe options for your V Rising server. While they are not entirely necessary, many players and server owners alike feel that the early game experience greatly outweighs the endgame. The wipe options can be configured at any time as well, meaning you can extend the interval or remove it altogether if you change your mind. With this information in mind, you are ready to set up server wipes on V Rising and begin your path to become the most powerful vampire!

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