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Conan Exiles Mod Mismatch Loop

Posted: Jan 29, 2023 in Conan Exiles

mc head By Nathan Young


Whether you’re an experienced exiled survivor or a newcomer to the game, you’ve likely tried installing mods to Conan Exiles. This allows you to enjoy brand new features, from custom armor to quality of life enhancements. Sadly, an extremely common issue arises when trying to set up a modded server to play with friends. This is known as a mod mismatch error, impacting almost anyone trying to connect. It happens when you have the wrong modifications installed or forgot to enable them all. Experiencing such problematic situations isn’t ideal, so you’d likely try to fix it. Luckily, the solution here is quite simple and straightforward. Let’s begin to unravel this error!

Workshop Mods

Conan Exiles Workshop

How do you even install mods to Conan Exiles? The process itself is easy, as it only requires you to subscribe to them from Steam’s Workshop for the game. There’s a bit more technical work involved for the server’s end, but it is still relatively easy. After setting up everything, you can jump right in and begin playing with mods in Conan Exiles. Whether you’re customizing your character with fancy goods or using special mechanics to make everything smoother, these modifications can bring an enjoyable experience. Exiled survivors like yourself may stumble along this process though, as it likely happened to everyone at some point. This is true for pro and new players across the board, so don’t worry.

Mismatched Mods

When joining a modded server for the first time, a “Mod Mismatch” error may occur. This can happen even if you have all the same modifications installed on your game. It’s a frustrating problem to encounter, especially if you’ve already enabled them all beforehand. On the other hand, the server could have an incorrect configuration for the mods. This will result in the same problem, which requires additional work to resolve. Regardless of the problem, there are two tricks to quickly fix everything.

Conan Exiles Mod Mismatch


How to Fix

Conan Exiles Mod Mismatch Fix

The first solution is to simply check mark the automatic options from the error’s menu, near the bottom left corner. This will instantly download all required mods and connect you to the server afterward.

If you’re still having troubles, then forcibly close your game and Steam client. Once this is done, try again and it should accept your connection. Otherwise, it’s on the server’s end and must be corrected in the ConanSandbox/Mods directory. When everything is fixed, you should be able to join!


Conan Exiles Mods

Modding Conan Exiles is an easy feat, but as you know, it can become a problem. Once you’ve successfully resolved the mod mismatch error, you’re golden! However, don’t rest your guard since the same situation can easily happen again in the future. In some cases, this may occur every time you try to join a modified server. This can become extremely frustrating, but fret not. Simply resolve the situation as you did before, then continue with your exiled adventures. Hopefully, this blog helped you understand the error and how to fix it. Have a good one, gamers!

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