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Conan Exiles Age of Sorcery Chapter 3

Posted: Mar 5, 2023 in Conan Exiles

mc head By Nathan Young


Starting March 14th of this year, exiled warriors will experience brand new features in the third chapter of Conan Exiles. The Age of Sorcery continues with an advanced storyline, building upon the world that started from day one. Whether you’re driven by lore or new boss dungeons, there’s a lot of possibilities with this update. There’s even added battle pass content, giving you more options to customize your gameplay. Compared to the last chapter, the amount of exciting features is overwhelming. We’ll unravel all this compact information so you can peek into the future of Conan Exiles. Let’s get started!

Story Progression

Conan Exiles Chapter 3

Beginning with Conan’s storyline, chapter 3 introduces a world being encapsulated in a bloody eclipse, hinting at possible doom for all exiles. The darkness of Giant Kings starts to rise from the Earth, causing mayhem across the sky for everyone to witness. Players will be assisting Mek-kamoses to discover a horrific truth behind the spread of sorcery in the lands. Due to the amount of lore, the Journey System is completely revamped to offer the best experience.

New Features

Conan Exiles Chapter 3 Info

Besides the fascinating new lore, there’s also exciting features to try out in this update. These range from dungeons filled with crazy culminations to collecting resources for golem shaping so they do your bidding. There’ll be a new hub for players to visit, giving them the opportunity to learn more about the spire’s light piercing the sky. Besides these features, the new journey system will strongly encourage all players alike to experience unexpected adventures in the exiled land.


Battle Pass

With all this new content, there’s even more in the battle pass for everyone. Whether you’ve purchased it or not, complete challenges and receive rewards to enhance your weapons, armors, decorations, pets, and so other aspects. These can vary from secret passages for your base to turanian mercenary camels for a pet. Although, just like any other battle pass, some rewards are only for those who purchase it.

Conan Exiles Chapter 3 Battle Pass


Chapter 2 Comparison

Conan Exiles Chapter 2 Info

The last chapter of Conan Exiles didn’t have too many features when compared to its next one. It was mainly a cosmetic update, but had Headhunter, Witch Hunts, among other new challenges. In other words, there wasn’t a focus on storylines since in-game activities were the main purpose. Many players are excited that the newest update includes a lot more than before. Some of which cannot even contain their excitement, as seen in the Chapter 3 post discussion.


Conan Exile’s chapter 3 update will bring countless new activities, cosmetics, and lore to the world. Players will be challenged to overcome exciting adventures to uncover the secrets of the bloody eclipse. This will be a wonderful change to the game, as the amount of content provides entertainment for all players no matter their playstyle. If you’re unable to wait for its release, then you can try out the public beta to get a glimpse into this new chapter. Besides this, we hope this blog helped you learn more about the new update to Conan Exiles. Have a good one, gamers!

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