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CommandNPC Plugin

Basic Description

This plugin is what allows the NPCs near spawn to open up the GUI (Graphical User Interface) when you right-click on them. It also allows for the wilderness teleportation to take place when you click on the NPC right outside of the spawn area.

This plugin is essentially an add on to the Citizens plugin mentioned above and so the commands similarly use the /npc prefix. A list of commands can be found here: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/commandnpc.40295/

Upon opening the CommandNPC folder in Multicraft there will be the commands.yml file, config.yml file, and language.yml file. The commands.yml file stores the set commands you have created or in this case, already exist in your server, the config.yml has basic plugin information and not much to edit, and the language.yml simply allows you to alter how you want prompts to appear on screen while using the plugin.


This plugin will only work if you have the citizens plugin installed and working\

  • /npc cmdadd : Adds a command when you have an NPC selected
  • /npc cmdinfo : Gets information about the NPC commands you can use
  • /npc cmdremove : Removes any specific command that you’ve attached to an NPC
  • /npc cmdset : Set the different variable for a command you’ve already attached to an NPC
  • /npc cmdreset : Removes all commands attached to an NPC

More in depth command descriptions and their variables can be found via the link under the Basic Description area on this page.


This plugin has a pretty straightforward usage profile. It is used to add commands that can be performed upon clicking on an NPC that has been created with the Citizens plugin. These commands  can range from anything from informative commands to actually executing a command to change the server’s time and anything in between. Any command you’d like to hook to an NPC can be done using this plugin.