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Coins Plugin

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mc head By Nathan Young


Making a Minecraft server introduces many possibilities, with a common one being an economy for players to sell and buy materials. Most of the time, users have to collect items to trade for in-game currency at an existing shop. This can be hard for some to obtain money, as widely available items tend to be cheap. However, if you host a Paper or other Bukkit server, then you can add the Coins plugin to make this easier on your players. Using it allows them to earn coins from killing mobs and mining ores, which adds money to their balance. Additionally, server owners can completely customize the plugin’s settings to suit their needs. Whether you’re wanting to make coins drop on player deaths or changing their values, editing these options can do that. Keeping everything in mind, let’s learn how to install and use the Coins plugin on your Minecraft server in this Apex Hosting tutorial.


  1. Navigate towards Coins on Spigot, then press Download Now.
    Minecraft Coins Plugin Download

    Required: Download Vault and EssentialsX, or other economy plugins to support Coins.

  2. Save this file to an easily accessible location on your computer.
  3. Afterward, head towards your Apex server panel and click FTP File Access near the top left.
    Minecraft FTP Access

    Note: Ensure you’re using the correct Server Profile for this installation.

  4. Login with your password, then enter in the plugins directory.
  5. Press Upload at the top left corner and drag the file in the respective area.
    Minecraft Coins Plugin Installation
  6. Wait for this to reach 100%, then return to the main panel and Restart the server.
  7. Join and use the /plugins command in-chat to confirm if the plugin works.
    Minecraft Plugins Command

    Note: The plugins are enabled if they appear as green in the list.


Getting Started

Minecraft Dropped Coins

Upon entering your server with the plugin enabled, you’ll notice almost nothing at first. This is due to the main function being dropped coins, meaning players have to kill mobs or mine ores to see the feature. Once an enemy dies or a mineral block is broken, a random amount of money will appear in the form of sunflowers. It looks like a coin and makes sense that the plugin uses it, but you may change it if you want. Besides this, there are some commands to use that may help. These can include dropping coins for other players or withdrawing them from your in-game balance. As for the Coins settings, there are tons of possibilities you can implement by editing the plugin’s file. All these features are configurable and optional, making it flexible for your server.


You may want to experiment with the commands at first, especially if you already have an existing balance. However, make sure you add the permission nodes to your group to use them. This is done by using a rank plugin, like LuckPerms, which manages all player permissions. Alternatively, you can become a server operator to bypass those steps to quickly use commands. With this said, review the list of them down below to get started.

/coins drop [player] [amount]coins.command.dropAbility to drop coins from a player’s balance.
/coins remove [radius / all]coins.command.removeDelete all nearby coins within a radius or globally.
/coins settingscoins.command.settingsDisplays the current plugin settings.
/coins reloadcoins.command.reloadApplies new file changes without restarting the server.
/coins versioncoins.command.versionShows the current plugin version.
/withdraw [worth] [amount]coins.withdrawTake out money from your balance to get coins.
/coins togglecoins.command.toggleToggle coin drops and withdrawal access.
N/Acoins.disableRemove the ability to let a player pick up coins.
N/Acoins.spawnerObtain coins by killing mobs from spawners.
N/Acoins.multiplier.[value]Multiply coin drops for a player by the defined value.


Command Examples

Here are some short examples that most players will use or see in your server.

Withdrawing Coins
Minecraft Withdraw Coins Plugin

The most popular command for users to do is /withdraw, as this allows them to spend, trade, or give coins to other players. In our case, we assigned a worth of $1 to 50 coins via the command’s parameters. This is extremely helpful if someone wants to grab a specific amount of coins at a certain value, making them easier to use. Additionally, people who receive these coins can right-click them to transfer money into their balance.

Spawning Coins
Minecraft Drop Coins Plugin

If you’re wanting to give money away, whether it’s a drop party or in plugin crates, using the /coins drop command will do that. This spawns a specific number of coins around a player or within a particular radius/coordinate. The values per item is random, just as obtaining them naturally via mining or killing mobs. In this example, we dropped 10 coins around a player without any radius or coordinates.


The remaining features are found in Coin’s configuration file, allowing you to control every aspect. For instance, making coins drop on death or changing its rate is done through this area. Most owners will likely do this, as customizing the plugin helps create the server in their image. There are lots of options and settings to review, but first you’ll want to follow the steps below to access them.

  1. Enter in the FTP File Access area and login, then head towards the plugins directory.
  2. Continue to the Coins folder and press Edit to the right of the config.yml file.
    Minecraft Coins Plugin Config File
  3. Make changes to the settings and click Save at the top.
    Minecraft Coins Plugin Configuration
  4. Join your server and use /coins reload or Restart from the main panel to apply the edits.


Recommended Settings

The following options are suggested for most servers, which are explained individually in the config.yml file.

stack-coins: true
passive-drop: true
drop-chance: 1.00
spawner-drop: true
drop-with-any-death: true
drop-on-death: true


Common Issues

Commands Don’t Work
Whenever commands aren’t working, it’s likely a permission issue. For example, if you aren’t a server operator or have the correct nodes on your account/rank, then it’ll result in no access. When you get permissions, the commands will function normally. Otherwise, the problem is resulting from the plugin itself. Make sure to confirm Coins is enabled by using /plugins in-chat, which should display it as green in the list. In abnormal events, this will appear just fine but still is disabled. Checking your server panel’s Console is how you can truly know if it works, as when the plugin loads it’ll display an error message.
Plugin is Disabled
If after installing the plugin on your server and it doesn’t work, then make sure you’ve installed an economy addon. This is required since Coins doesn’t come with a balance system, as it only provides obtainable money. A good choice to use is Vault and EssentialsX combined, giving you the most out of your effort. However, in rare cases the main plugin will not work due to a version incompatibility issue. Ensure that your server is on Paper, Spigot, or other Bukkit types and the Minecraft version aligns with Coins. Otherwise, you could have installed them on the wrong server profile, so confirm you’re using the correct one.

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