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Cobblemon vs Pixelmon

Posted: Aug 2, 2023 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young


Fans of Pokémon may have wondered what it’d be like to enjoy their beloved game in Minecraft. Luckily, some developers already created mods to accomplish that! For the longest time, an extremely popular one called Pixelmon has dominated this area of modding. However, this isn’t the only mod available for this feature. Recently, an upcoming one known as Cobblemon has been making the rounds online. Both of these are similar, yet completely different. What’s the comparison? Are there benefits to using one or the other? We’ll answer these questions and more in this Apex Hosting blog so you can make the right decision about choosing Pixelmon or Cobblemon for Minecraft.

What’s Pixelmon?

Pixelmon Minecraft

Starting off with the most popular Pokémon mod in Minecraft, Pixelmon introduces a wide variety of features. These range from changing the world’s generation to introducing custom items. For example, you may randomly stumble upon a large tower full of loot or a village with many possible quests to enjoy. Besides this, it goes without saying that Pokémon are available in this mod, meaning players can catch them and battle others. The developers are still updating this and implementing new features to the gameplay, such as extra structures or useful items. These updates happen ever so often, so you may want to consider using the official modpack for Pixelmon to get more content. Unfortunately, there are only two possible Minecraft versions to play with this and the standalone mod, 1.16.5 and 1.12.2 for Forge.

This means you and others alike are limited, as some users might want to add more recent mods to Pixelmon. You’ll need to find modifications only for those two Forge versions, which can be tedious for some players. Luckily, there aren’t any dependencies for this mod! This allows you to quickly set everything up to play Pokémon in Minecraft. Once you’re actively exploring and using Pixelmon, you’ll notice many other unique features. A few of these include vending machines, interactable characters, in-game currency, and many keybinds for specific actions, along with custom blocks. Remember, there are lots of features with this mod that change the gameplay, meaning it’s not simplistic. This can be frustrating for players looking for only a Pokémon experience for their singleplayer world or Minecraft server. This is amplified when using the official modpack, but don’t worry! There’s another option for you.

What’s Cobblemon?

Cobblemon Minecraft

Players only looking for Pokémon and nothing else will be delighted to hear about Cobblemon. This mod introduces you to a straightforward and simple system for catching them all. Examples of this include no major changes in the world’s generation, a wide selection of Pokéballs, and two machines for healing or storage. This is considered a lightweight mod that’s meant to not entirely change Minecraft, as it only adds Pokémon aspects. As for the version, this is for Forge and Fabric 1.19.2. This means it’s more up to date with the game, which may be perfect for you! Depending on your setup, there’ll be a few dependencies to install before playing with Cobblemon in Minecraft.

Whether you’re on Forge or Fabric, there’s always an option to try this out. The only downfall is its only available game version, meaning players can’t use this for anything else. Besides this, the actual gameplay itself is easily digestible! There are a few keybinds to learn, but becomes natural the more you get the hang of it. Run around and start catching all the Pokémon, then try battling others with your powerful ones. Remember, there aren’t too many features with this mod since it’s made for players only wanting the core aspects. Following this, the developers haven’t created a modpack with Cobblemon. Instead, many community members did, and is quickly becoming a popular mod for some collections.

Cobblemon vs Pixelmon

Cobblemon vs Pixelmon

We’ve discussed Pixelmon and Cobblemon, so what’s the difference between them? Besides the Pokémon aspect, there are plenty of features to compare. Whether you want a simple or complicated experience, you have the final decision for your gameplay. We want you to fully understand the key differences between each mod, so we’ve created a table below showcasing that. Keep in mind that these aren’t all of them, as we only compiled the most noteworthy ones.

Available for Minecraft Forge and Fabric on 1.19.2, without an official modpack.Available for Minecraft Forge 1.16.5 and 1.12.2, with an official modpack.
Has multiple dependencies before it works in-game, determined by your setup.Has absolutely no dependencies, meaning it’ll work in-game after the installation.
Only introduces you to a Pokémon experience, without extra content like new world generation, quests, or currency.Introduces you to a wide range of features, such as unique structures, upgraded villages, quests, and shops, among many other aspects.
Has only one main configuration file that determines almost all settings from the mod, giving you general control.Has multiple configuration files for many aspects of the mod, giving you the most control.
Minimal resources required to run this mod without issues in-game.Moderate resources required to run this mod without issues in-game.



There are many similarities between Cobblemon and Pixelmon, with of course Pokémon being the main one. Besides this, players may notice that in-game mechanics like keybinds are almost the same. The core concept of catching and battling Pokémon is what ties these two mods together. However, the differences are what separates them! Whether you want minimal or extensive features, you’ll want to choose Cobblemon or Pixelmon carefully. Remember, the first one only introduces you to Pokémon aspects while the second adds extra content like quests. We suggest trying both of them out to see what works best for you. With this in mind, we hoped this blog helped you learn about the differences between Cobblemon and Pixelmon for Minecraft. Have a good one, gamers!

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