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How To Install And Use ClearLag Plugin

Last modified on Aug 28, 2019 in plugins

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ClearLag is a common plugin for any type of Minecraft server, essentially what it does is allows you to remove any trouble entities that may exist on your server. Perhaps someone dropped thousands of items in a single chunk, causing your server to lag. By clearing dropped entities ClearLag ensures that your server stays operating smoothly, to see a list of commands type /lagg or to configure the plugin go to the ClearLag folder on Multicraft and go to the config.yml, this is where you can change all sorts of things related to this plugin such as which entities to remove, or if you want to broadcast the removal, Most things in the config file are disabled by default and any line with a “#” in front of it is also disabled, if you would like to change the messages that are broadcast or disable them you’ll need to scroll down to the “auto-removal” portion of the config doc where you’ll find the “broadcast-message” and the “warnings” section, both of which can be changed to your liking, again, make sure that you follow the format that is in place already.

Helpful Links

Bukkit Page: https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/clearlagg