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ChestSort Plugin

Last modified on Jan 3, 2023 in plugins

mc head By Nathan Young


One of the main Minecraft features is collecting materials to build bases and craft items. However, as many players likely know by now, there is tons of junk in-game that fills up chests. This can be a big problem, as sorting through all your chests to find what you’re wanting is time consuming. On the bright side, Paper and Bukkit servers allow for the ChestSort plugin to be installed. This allows all players to instantly sort their chests, barrels, and other containers with a press of a button. Additionally, they can use it to organize their inventories. The plugin is highly customizable with its many settings and options to change, thereby giving you more control. Keeping this in mind, learn how to use and install the ChestSort plugin on your Minecraft server in this Apex Hosting tutorial.


The ChestSort plugin is created by mfnalex and was originally released in 2018, making this a classic for many 1.8 to 1.19 servers. This has over 100k downloads with almost a perfect rating on Spigot. Server owners and players alike use this sorting system to raise the quality of life in-game. For instance, instead of using redstone machines to organize items, players can simply use a hotkey on their keyboard. This feature is the main aspect to the ChestSort plugin, among some configurable settings. With all that in mind, let’s jump into the installation and showcase it.


  1. Navigate towards ChestSort on Spigot, then press Download Now.
    Chest Sort Minecraft Plugin Download
  2. Save the file somewhere easily accessible and head towards your Apex server panel.
  3. Once there, click FTP File Access near the top left and login with your password.
    Apex Hosting FTP File Access
  4. Enter in the plugins folder, then press Upload in the top left corner.
  5. Drag and drop the plugin file into the respective area and wait for it to reach 100%.
    Chest Sort Plugin Install
  6. After it’s completed, return to the main panel to Restart the server.
  7. Join and use /plugins in-chat to confirm if it was installed correctly.
    Minecraft Plugins Command

    Note: If you don’t see ChestSort or it appears as red, then something went wrong.


Minecraft servers using 1.14 or below will want to use ChestSort 9.5.1 instead of the latest version. The process for installing this variant of the plugin is the same. As for the features on this version, most or all of them are available to players and server owners.



Now that you’ve installed the plugin, it’s time to use it. These features range from hotkeys to config file options, which allows server owners to entirely customize ChestSort. A popular function with this plugin is the GUI menu to edit settings, thereby bypassing the need to edit the files. Most of these are fairly simple, but we’ll review them all and give you valuable tips to start using it on your server.

Chest Sorting

The ability to sort and organize items in your chests, among other containers, is likely why you installed this plugin. In other words, this is the heart of ChestSort since it allows every player to easily clean up their inventories and chests. No matter what material, block, and item you have in the inventory, using the plugin will instantly organize them. Additionally, players may select specific materials to transfer or be sorted in their inventory/chest. There are a few methods for doing this, which is mainly done through hotkeys. They all perform the same functionality, sorting either the inventory or container slots. However, some players may find another hotkey better for organizing their inventory, rather than using the same key for containers. Regardless of which one you choose, these will be the main features you begin using in your server. Review the list of hotkeys to try in-game down below.

Minecraft Sort Chest


Hotkeys List
HotkeyHow to Use
Middle Click (Mousewheel)Use this on any inventory slot.
Note: May have issues on 1.18+
Shift + Left-clickHover over an empty inventory/container slot and use it.
Double ClickHover over an empty inventory/container slot and do it.
Shift + Right-clickHover over an empty inventory/container slot and use it.

These hotkeys are the main ones for players to use by default without permissions. However, there are additional ones and can be configured if you want. Remember, these hotkeys can be used on your inventory or container. Choose the one best suited for your playstyle and continue onward.

ChestSort Settings

ChestSort Settings

The best way to customize ChestSort is through its settings menu, allowing you to fully control the hotkeys and automatic systems. For example, if you don’t want to worry about manually organizing your chests, then enable the Automatic Sorting option in the GUI. However, before making any changes you’ll need to become the server’s operator and use the /sort command in-game. This allows you to open the menu to begin editing the settings. There are other options to explore, such as toggling hotkeys and instantly emptying a chest with a specific material.



As for ChestSort commands, there aren’t too many and most of them perform the same functions. Regardless of this fact, review them down below to get a better understanding. However, if you wish to use permission nodes then make sure you have LuckPerms or another suitable plugin to manage them.

/sortchestsort.useOpens the GUI Settings menu.
/sort [on / off]chestsort.useToggles automatic chest sorting.
/invsortchestsort.use.inventoryInstantly organizes your inventory.
/invsort hotbarchestsort.use.inventoryAutomatically sort your hotbar.
/invsort [on / off]chestsort.use.inventoryToggles inventory sorting.
/sort helpchestsort.useReveals every command in-chat.
/sort reloadchestsort.reloadReloads the plugin to apply file edits.
/sort resetplayersettingsN/AForce reset everyone’s hotkey settings; used after changing default options.



If you’re wanting more control over ChestSort, then edit the plugin’s configuration in the server files. This allows owners to toggle hotkeys, command uses, chat messages, and more. There are about 700 lines of code, mainly filled up with additional information about the settings. This will help you understand in depth about everything from ChestSort. Considering this, review the steps below to access and customize the file.

  1. Head towards your server panel and log into the FTP File Access area.
  2. Once there, enter in the plugins directory and click on the ChestSort folder.
  3. Locate the config.yml file, then press Edit to the far right of it.
    ChestSort config.yml
  4. Start changing settings and values to your desires, then press Save at the top.
    ChestSort Configuration
  5. Afterward, return to the main panel and Restart the server to apply the edits.
    Alternative: Use the /sort reload command in-game after editing the file.


Common Issues

Plugin isn’t Working
If the plugin isn’t functioning, then it might be improperly installed. Use the /plugins command to confirm if you see ChestSort. This should display in green, but if the color is red or you see nothing, then reinstall the plugin. Make sure you’re using a viable server type such as Paper 1.19.2. Otherwise, if ChestSort is enabled and it still doesn’t work, then try our different hotkeys to confirm. However, make sure you’ve restarted the server after originally installing it so the files can load. As one final note, ensure you’re using the correct server profile to upload the plugin so everything works.
Unable to Sort
There could be a few reasons why this is happening to you or others, such as it being a disabled feature. You’ll want to use the /sort command to open the menu, then toggle what you want. Afterward, editing the config.yml file might be required if you’re wanting a custom function. Additionally, ensure that you’re properly using the hotkeys. For instance, if you’re trying to organize your inventory then Shift + Left-click an empty slot in the menu.

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