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Minecraft & News

  • Valheim HD Texture Packs

    Valheim HD Texture Pack

    Posted: Jan 21, 2023 in Valheim

    mc head By Nathan Young

    Some players, perhaps yourself, have wondered what Valheim would look like with high-definition graphics. The game itself is a bit pixelated, resembling modded Minecraft more than anything else. This is extremely noticeable when gazing upon the vegetation of the world, which may spark a small desire to change that. You’re in luck! Specific members of […]

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  • valheim mistlands

    Valheims Mistlands Update

    Posted: Jan 2, 2023 in Valheim

    mc head By David

    Valheim is a beautiful, procedurally generated Viking RPG world shrouded in mystery. Despite the game’s insane popularity, it still is in early access. Throughout development, the player base has been around for lots of different updates. Hearth and Home, Cult of the Wolf, and now Mistlands. The Mistlands update is finally here! Today, we’re going […]

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  • Valheim plus

    What is Valheim Plus?

    Posted: Nov 21, 2022 in Valheim

    mc head By David

    Video game updates are amazing. The shift that the gaming industry has made into a live service model where any and all game developers are basically forced to produce content endlessly for the consumer to play with is truly a beautiful thing. Unfortunately, game development is difficult and as studios grow, there become more checks […]

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  • best valheim weapons

    Valheim: Best Weapons To Use

    Posted: May 23, 2022 in Valheim

    mc head By David

    When it comes to survival games like Valheim, there are many monsters and obstacles that challenge your willingness to live with the utmost difficulty. Whether it be a simple bug or a towering troll, they’re all out for blood. Fortunately, though, we can equip ourselves with the most well-crafted of armaments. But what to choose? […]

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  • The Best Valheim Mods

    The Best Valheim Mods

    Posted: Dec 31, 2021 in Valheim

    mc head By David

    Valheim is an extremely fun survival game based on Norse mythology and the religious concept of warriors on their way to Valhalla. But unfortunately, it is an early access game which many believe to be lacking in overall content. Because of this, the community has taken it upon themselves to implement cool and unique features […]

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  • All Bosses in Valheim

    All Bosses in Valheim

    Posted: Dec 27, 2021 in Valheim

    mc head By David

    Like Minecraft, Valheim is a game with quite a few boss battles that are found in similar spots that can be activated whenever the player would like. And just like Minecraft, there are awesome rewards to be obtained from slaying these massive beasts which acts as an incentive to put your life on the line. […]

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  • All Planned Updates For Valheim

    All Planned Updates For Valheim

    Posted: Dec 6, 2021 in Valheim

    mc head By David

    Early access games are quite a conundrum. On one hand, you want to criticize and bash the game for its lack of content, unoptimized performance, and rocky foundation. But on the other hand, you understand that game development takes time and you appreciate being a part of the process. Valheim has tried to ease everyone […]

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