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Minecraft & News

  • Best Unturned Mods

    The Best Unturned Mods

    Posted: May 20, 2022 in Unturned

    mc head By David

    Unturned is a relatively awkward game. It definitely looks and reminds people of something like Minecraft, but every aspect of the gameplay loop and game mechanics screams Rust. This isn’t necessarily bad, but the simplistic nature of the graphics and gameplay allow for the community to make a plethora of mods, custom content, and more […]

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  • Rusturned

    Rusturned – The Unturned Rust Mod

    Posted: Mar 2, 2022 in Unturned

    mc head By David

    We’ve talked about modding Rust to make it more like other games, but what about modding other games to be more like Rust? Rusturned is a mod for Unturned that aims to transform many mechanics in Unturned to be more similar to Rust. This includes changing basic features like the UI along with adding new […]

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