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  • How Many Players can Play on a Palworld Server

    Posted: Feb 29, 2024 in Palworld

    mc head By Nathan Young

    Hosting your own Palworld server comes with many benefits, such as the ability to completely control the gameplay settings. However, there is one feature that might be neglected by some, which is likely the best overall – increased player count. In standard online co-op sessions, only 4 people at once can play Palworld. This can […]

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  • Palworld Server Mods

    Palworld Server Mods

    Posted: Feb 15, 2024 in Palworld

    mc head By Nathan Young

    Since the release of Palworld, the internet exploded – as the game broke world records across the board. Millions of players began their adventure by capturing Pals, building bases, crafting equipment, and battling against fierce syndicate bosses. Throughout their journeys, some may have thought about modding Palworld to introduce new features or QoL changes. In […]

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