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Can You Ride a Sniffer in Minecraft

Posted: Apr 16, 2024 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young

Upon the release of Minecraft 1.20, the Sniffer was added for all players to enjoy. These large dinosaur-like mobs only provide a few extra features to try out – with riding being out of the question. Why is this? The answer is unclear, but players are finding ways to mount them! This can be done in Vanilla Minecraft with commands, meaning you can do this on your server or singleplayer world. This is amplified with mods, introducing even more mechanics to make sniffers more enjoyable. Regardless, there is a way to ride them no matter what. Let’s begin to learn how to mount sniffers in Minecraft!

Sniffers in Minecraft

Minecraft Sniffers

Can you ride a sniffer in Minecraft? The short answer is no, but with commands or mods, it’s possible. These creatures are extremely large and aren’t designed for players to mount them. This might change in the future with newer versions of Minecraft – unconfirmed. Nonetheless, you’re able to start riding sniffers in 1.20 right now! However, players using the Bedrock Edition are unable to do this in-game. Addons might offer a workaround, but this isn’t guaranteed. With this being said, review the subsections below to begin understanding more about this process.

How to Ride Sniffers

Before jumping onto your sniffer, being an OP or enabling cheats is required. This depends on if you’re doing this on a Minecraft server or singleplayer world. Afterward, you’ll be able to execute the needed command to ride sniffers! Follow along below to get started.

  1. While in Minecraft, enter creative mode and spawn a sniffer where you want.
    Minecraft Spawn Sniffer
  2. Proceed to open chat and type: /ride [username] mount @e[type=minecraft:sniffer,limit=1,distance=..10]
    Minecraft Ride Sniffer Command
  3. If successful, you’ll be riding a sniffer in Minecraft for the first time!
    How to Ride Sniffer Minecraft

    *Press the SHIFT key to unmount or run /ride [username] dismount to get off.


Alternative Methods

If you’re wanting a more legitimate way to ride sniffers in Minecraft, consider installing the Hellion’s Sniffer+ Forge / Fabric mod. This provides players with the ability to place a saddle on the creature, add chests to it, and even a new underground biome. This mod amplifies the whole sniffer experience, which can be enjoyed on Minecraft servers or singleplayer worlds. There might be other modifications to try out too, but Hellion’s Sniffer+ is the ultimate one.

Minecraft Sniffer Mods


Minecraft – Rideable Sniffers

In Vanilla Minecraft 1.20, you’re completely unable to ride sniffers without using commands or mods. This hopefully will change in the future, but nothing has been promised by Mojang. The best way to saddle up and mount a sniffer is to use cheats or install mods. Otherwise, this creature is only good for collecting rare flowers and admiring them in a habitat. If you’re trying to do this in Bedrock, don’t bother – unless you found an addon for this feature. We hope this Apex Hosting article answered the can you ride a sniffer question, have a good one!

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