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Brickcraft Minecraft Texture Pack

Last modified on Mar 4, 2024 in resourcepacks

mc head By Nathan Young

Minecraft is a game already consisting of blocks and pixelated graphics but can be drastically changed with resource packs. These addons completely alter the visuals, with some offering unique textures unlike anything else. One of these is known as Brickcraft, which transforms Minecraft into legos! This is perfect for a fun gameplay experience with friends and family. Fans of legos will admire all the environments, mobs, foliage, items, and many other blocks. Setting this up on your Minecraft world or dedicated server is extremely easy. However, we understand that some newcomers to the scene may be unfamiliar with the exact process. Due to this, we’ve created this Apex Hosting guide to show you how to install and play with the Brickcraft resource pack in Minecraft.

How to Download

  1. Navigate to Brickcraft on CurseForge, then click Files near the top.\
    Brickcraft CurseForge
  2. Continue to locate your desired Game Version for this pack.
  3. Once found, press its three vertical dots on the right and click Download File.
    Brickcraft Download
  4. Save this file somewhere easily accessible on your computer for later.

In cases where you want the most out of this resource pack, consider downloading the files from the official Brickcraft website. The author allows you to download premium versions of the textures, resulting in higher resolutions, more blocks, and unique lego sounds. However, keep in mind that some of these might require payment before obtaining them.


Client Installation

  1. Open Minecraft and press the Options button from the main menu.
  2. Proceed to click Resource Packs, then Open Pack Folder.
    Minecraft Resource Pack
  3. Drag and drop the downloaded zip file into the newly opened folder.
    Brickcraft Installation
  4. Return to Minecraft and click the Arrow icon on Brickcraft to begin loading it.
    Brickcraft Minecraft
  5. Confirm these changes by pressing the Done button, then wait for it to be applied.


Optifine (Required)

One of the requirements for using Brickcraft in Minecraft is to install Optifine with shaders. This allows the lego bricks in-game to have reflections and appear more realistic. Fortunately, there are official shaders for this resource pack – BSLex. Simply download this and transfer it to the “shaderpacks” directory on your computer, where the Minecraft files are located. Afterward, you can start to admire the beauty of Brickcraft in-game with friends and family! Otherwise, the textures will appear less appealing and might cause problems.

Server Setup

With Optifine being required for this resource pack, your players will need to do the same on their client. Besides this, review this guide to begin installing Brickcraft on your Minecraft server. Essentially, you need to upload this into an external service and use its new download link in the settings. Afterward, you can enable the “Require Resource Pack” option to force players to use it in-game. If you have any concerns or questions about this process, consider reaching out to our 24/7 Support Team of assistance.

Brickcraft Showcase

Brickcraft Showcase

Upon loading up the Minecraft world, you’ll instantly see the difference! All the grass, stone, wood, and other blocks have lego pieces on them. Some of these might even have unique textures, such as smooth plates stacked on top of each other, similar to real world legos. Remember, almost everything gets changed with the Brickcraft resource pack – depending on the version used for the installation. The weapons, tools, and many more now look like legos! We strongly advise you to use cheats or operator permissions to enter creative mode, providing you easy access to view new textures. We’ll break down what to expect in Brickcraft in the subsections below to get you started.

Lego Bricks

Whether you’re viewing farmlands, forests, plains, deserts, or other types of terrain, everything will have lego bricks. This is the core feature of the resource pack, along with several other unique details. For example, sunflowers, grass, crops, and different foliage use new 3D models to reflect legos. The sounds as you walk through the landscape also have this aspect, as you will be hearing classic lego effects.

Minecraft Lego Texture Pack
Minecraft Lego Mod

The gameplay itself is extremely entertaining, as all your tools and weapons now look like lego pieces. This even includes enchanting tables, chests, brewing stands, anvils, and other interactive blocks. The interior of your structures will be completely redefined with Brickcraft, along with exterior foundations – so get creative with your designs!


Unique Details

Minecraft Lego Shaders
Minecraft Lego Shaders

Remember, there are official shaders for Brickcraft that amplify the in-game experience. This is highly recommended and required for the best results, as it provides users with an immersive aesthetic while playing Minecraft. For instance, the reflections from placed lego bricks showcase their detailed textures. Legos in the real world have this same effect, as they appear glossy. Replicating this in Minecraft means your world will be as if you’re playing with actual lego bricks. Additionally, the sounds when walking or breaking further expand these aesthetics. However, this is only for premium versions of Brickcraft that are accessible from its official website.

Lego Mobs

Rather than discussing blocks and items, let’s talk about mobs! Passive mobs commonly found in the world will resemble lego characters, extremely similar to the real life counterparts. This is most noticeable with pigs, as you can definitely see the smooth plates making up the creature. Keep in mind that some mobs might be unchanged, as the Brickcraft versions determine how many features are included.

Minecraft Lego Mobs
Minecraft Lego Mobs

There are tons of other creatures resembling lego characters too, such as iron golems or creepers. This adds onto the overall appearance and aesthetic of the texture pack, offering a pleasant experience in-game. Most of your mob farms will look and feel like legos, including the creatures spawning inside! Who knows, maybe your friendly sidekicks are transformed too.


Brickcraft FAQ

What is the “made for an older version of Minecraft” message?

This message means you’ve downloaded and installed an outdated version of the texture pack. Solving this problem involves switching to a compatible Minecraft version or redownloading the correct one you want. However, the message can be disregarded for the most part since no real issues will arise.

Can I use different shaders with Brickcraft?

Yes, but we strongly recommend sticking to BSLex which was designed for Brickcraft. Consider reviewing alternatives here, but keep in mind that some of these might be incompatible with the textures.

Is it safe to combine Brickcraft with other resource packs?

No. This resource pack completely transforms Minecraft into a legoland-like adventure, meaning other textures will conflict. If you wish to proceed, then review this guide. However, keep in mind that it can break the visuals of your gameplay. In other words, continue at your own risk.

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