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  • Tekxit 3 Available Now

    Apex News: Tekxit 3 Available Now

    Modpack Update: Tekxit 3 We are always listening to your feedback and love hearing what you guys want to see on Apex so we are happy to share that Tekxit 3 after many requests is now available on Apex!   For those of you that haven’t heard of Tekxit 3 it’s been an ongoing modpack […]

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  • March Giveaway

    March Giveaway!

    Win a 2GB Server for 6 Months and a Villager Plush!   Enter this month’s giveaway for a chance to win this epic prize package!   This month we have a very special giveaway as we are approaching the full release of the 1.14 Village & Pillage Update! We though to ourselves what better way […]

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  • Minecraft Snapshot 19w08b Available Now

    Minecraft News: Snapshot 19w08b

    Minecraft Snapshot 19w08b Is Available Now!   The final phase is upon us for the 1.14 Village & Pillage update and all that remains “bug fixing and polishing”. But you didn’t think that was it did you? Of course not. Mojang still left us some new fancy features to play with in the update. Let’s […]

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  • Checkout our Apex Discord Server

    Checkout our Apex Discord Server!

    Join the Apex Discord Today!   We have an awesome Discord community and we are looking to expand that further! There you can hang out with Team Apex and friends to chat, play games together, announcements and maybe even get to speak with one of our sponsors who may pop in and out from time […]

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  • Snapshot 19w07a

    Minecraft News: Snapshot 19w07a

    Minecraft Snapshot 19w07a Is Available Now!   Get ready everyone for what is probably the cutest snapshot update in history! Mojang has done it. They have released foxes 🦊 into the game and they are amazing!   That’s not all though so let’s take a look! Added Fox Narrator is now available in menus (“Ctrl + […]

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  • Apply To Be An Apex Sponsor

    Apply To Be An Apex Sponsor!

    We Here At Apex Hosting Are Looking for Content Creators! We here at Apex love Minecraft content creators and are currently looking to sponsor quite a few people to be able to share their content to as many people as possible. If accepted you’ll receive a free server to stream and/or promote to your community. […]

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  • Minecraft Bedrock Update

    Minecraft Bedrock Update: Slabs! Stairs! Signs! Swalls!

    Minecraft Bedrock Update Available Now! Don’t work Bedrock friends we haven’t forgotten about you and neither has Mojang as a new Bedrock update has been released for all your decorators and gardeners at there! Let us have a look at what all has been added! Added The Lily of the Valley Added Cornflower Added New […]

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  • February Giveaway

    February Giveaway!

    Win a 2GB Server for 6 Months and a 6 month subscription to Minechest!   Enter this month’s giveaway for a chance to win this epic prize package!   Love is in the air and we want to share that love with this awesome giveaway! This time we are giving away a 2GB server for […]

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  • We Are Now Hiring

    We Are Now Hiring!

    We Are Now Hiring!   Yes, the rumors are true and we are currently looking to fulfill two positions at this time! Here is a more in depth look at what these two positions are and their job duties.   Entry Level Support: Knowledgeable about Minecraft servers and their inner workings. The ideal Support rep […]

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  • North America South Now Available

    North America South Now Available!

    North America South is now available!   Back with even more big news from Apex Headquarters! After the successful launch of Singapore. We thought why stop there ? So we are continuing our expansion efforts too more regions with North America South now available! Which will help our friends in the South who are just […]

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