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Best Ways To Get In Emeralds In Minecraft

Posted: Sep 29, 2023 in Minecraft

mc head By Kevin Lott


In the expansive realm of Minecraft, the quest for valuable resources transcends mere gameplay, becoming an immersive journey that challenges both creativity and strategic thinking. Among the myriad treasures hidden within the blocky landscapes, emeralds stand as one of the most sought-after prizes due to their great utility. As miners and adventurers delve deep into the earth and engage with enigmatic villagers, you’ll find that emeralds are quite easy to obtain. Today, we’ll be going over the best ways to obtain emeralds. Let’s begin.


First off, what exactly is an Emerald? And why would you want it? It seems like it’s the only rare ore that can’t be used for any obvious utility like tools and armor with Diamonds. Emeralds are a rare ore that is used primarily as the currency of Minecraft, particularly with villagers and wandering traders. Naturally occurring emeralds are rarer than diamonds as well.

Villagers will either buy or sell specific goods for emeralds, which makes them very useful depending on what type of resources you’re looking for in your Minecraft world. Villager trading enables a whole new world of high-quality goods that otherwise would not be renewable.

Obtaining Emeralds

When it comes to obtaining Emeralds, there’s quite an exhaustive list of methods that you can utilize to obtain vast amounts of emeralds. Some of them are less efficient than others. But depending on the type of person you are and how you would like to play the game, they may suit you better.


By far the least efficient method of obtaining emeralds has to be mining. Simply go through caves searching for ores to the best of your ability. Now although this is the least efficient, slowest method of obtaining emeralds, in theory, you would also be acquiring other ores on your adventures throughout the mines. This method is fairly dangerous, as you’ll have to keep yourself safe from all of the mobs you encounter throughout your mining, but it’s completely manageable if you’re anywhere near mid to late game.

Emerald Ore

It’s important to note that you’ll need an Iron pickaxe or better to mine emeralds, and you’ll also most likely want Fortune III on an enchanted pickaxe to make this method anywhere near viable. Emeralds can also generate in chests in underground structures such as mineshafts, so you might catch a break searching those as well. The emerald ore itself only generates in mountains and windswept hills biomes. It is typically found at elevations -16 to 320, most common at level 232. It becomes less common toward either end of the range.


Combat Drops!

If you’re lucky enough to find a Pillager outpost or a woodland mansion, you can find Emeralds from some of the tougher enemies in these areas. Vindicators and evokers both drop emeralds occasionally upon death. Looting increases the maximum emerald drop by one per level, with a maximum of four emeralds with Looting III. Another reason why enchantments can be so helpful!

This method is one of the less reliable methods, as it is based completely on RNG, but if you stumble upon the structures mentioned and you’re powerful enough to handle them, there’s no reason not to attempt this. Like the mining method, the benefit of doing this is that you don’t just obtain emeralds, but also something else. Pillagers often go hand in hand with totems of undying, which is an incredibly valuable, super overpowered item in Minecraft. Acquiring a few of these while farming emeralds isn’t a bad deal!

Villager Trades

By far the most efficient and swift method to acquiring vast amounts of emeralds is villager trading. Trading with specific villagers and manipulating job blocks until you receive favorable, ideal trades that allow you to farm renewable resources and trade them to villagers for emeralds indefinitely. The only downside to this method is that the villagers themselves will run out of stock and need to restock each day, but in general, they can take quite a few trades before this happens.

In particular, trading specific villagers that offer trades for renewable resources is what we’re looking for. This can be a cartographer offering emeralds for paper, a Fletcher offering emeralds for sticks, etc. You would then promptly set up this villager in a reliable, accessible spot and build a farm for whatever resource the villager is asking for. Then, you simply reap the benefits. You trade the villager the resources he is asking for and you continue to farm emeralds off of that renewable resource. Furthermore, you can also utilize other favorable trades that are non-renewable if they happen to be easy enough, such as the Mason offering emeralds for just 10 clay balls. Super easy to farm some clay real quick in the ocean and get massive profit! This method is also by far the safest method, requiring almost no form of combat. Simply just farm resources.



That’s all there is to it! While acquiring emeralds may seem like a daunting task at first, there’s simply not that much to it. That is to say, if you follow this guide, of course. Emeralds in general are super rare and gathering them from naturally spawning resources is not only unreliable but slow and inefficient. It’s much easier to pseudo-enslave a crop of villagers for their favorable trades! In any case, I hope I helped you out with this blog, and have a great day!

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