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Best Resource Packs For Minecraft PvP

Posted: Aug 26, 2022 in Minecraft

mc head By Kevin Lott


When it comes to Minecraft PvP, 1.8 really is the go-to. The fast-paced, skill-based competitive aspect of the CPS, tracking, and other skills required to perform well is just awesome! Whether you play skywars, bedwars, or whatever wars you like, it’s a great time. But sometimes, I get annoyed with how much the sword covers my screen. The particle effects are also kind of cumbersome, covering half my screen at times whenever I land a critical hit. Gross! If you’ve ever felt like this, you may do well to install a PvP-oriented resource pack! But what exactly makes a resource pack a ‘PvP pack’? Well, let’s go over it!

PvP Resource Packs

Minecraft PvP requires that you have as much information as possible, so it can be cumbersome to have your screen blocked by the fairly large textures of items and blocks. PvP resource packs serve to minimize particles, textures, and more while also having a sleek design that allows players to register important information while still being completely understandable. What armor is that player wearing? Did I land that critical hit? Etc. Another goal of PvP packs is to optimize framerate for maximum performance.

This list is in no particular order, but we have just compiled some of the best options. Most of these packs are built for 1.8 PvP, so don’t expect them to have too much coverage of the Vanilla blocks added past that version.


Shant vFinale – One of the best PvP packs by far, this pack sports a very unique sword shape and muted colors which serves as the main draw. The tiny blade with a gross guard really makes it special, and the particles have a really nice style. The UI is clear, with a colored background for the hotbar and a nice neon blue making up the outline. I feel that Shant is a great default pack for PvP, and it works extremely well.

MS Painted

Scope 32x Revamp – This pack is one of the most downloaded packs in the PvP community despite being half a decade old! A translucent UI allows for you to access your inventory without risking visibility, and the items have a straightforward design which makes them nice to look at. Different items also have different resolutions which make them easier to notice. Although, this is at the expense of performance. Overall, this is a unique pack with its own quirks that suit some players better than others.


Cobalt 32x Pack – For those in search of one of the best options, Cobalt is here! This pack features a metallic blue theme, with most of the key PvP items including a hint of the color. This pack also includes a beautiful skybox, which separates it from the competition which doesn’t change much, relatively speaking. Like Scope, however, this pack is at the expense of performance and recommended for higher-end systems.

MS Painted

Freeza 16x – This pack is suited for the pocket edition of Minecraft, gauging great FPS optimizations in the form of short swords, low fire, and even outlined ores. This is the token PvP resource pack, offering you exactly what you want while also sporting an incredibly unique pink and white color scheme. Regardless of whether you watch a lot of anime, the reference should be more than clear. In any case, this is a great pack!

If you would like to download any of these packs, be sure to check out our guide on resource packs to your Minecraft game here.


That’s my list! 1.8 is quite an interesting version, managing to stay more popular than almost all other versions purely because people believe the PvP was that good. Other versions like 1.12.2 and the current version are also popular, but for other reasons whether it be mods or content. In any case, I hope you found a new resource pack that suits you, and have a great day!

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