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Best Occupations in Project Zomboid

Posted: Feb 2, 2022 in Project Zomboid

mc head By Kevin Lott


When it comes to starting a run in Project Zomboid, there are many factors that can determine whether you’ll end up a hardened survivor or another victim of the undead horde, but the most important is definitely your profession. The game offers numerous options for creating a character that has different skills and specializations which will determine the beginning of your run and could change the way you play in a major way. This blog will serve as a list of the best occupations and skills you can choose from. Let’s begin.

The List

As per usual, this list isn’t in any particular order. It just includes what we believe to be the most impactful occupations.


Veteran – Being a veteran is a great options as it allows you to never panic no matter the situation. They have a moderate buff to reloading and aiming, which also helps their kill potential. Overall, the Desensitized passive is incredibly useful in a game full of flesh eating monsters. While this occupation is a large pointsink, if you can properly utilize the passive then it’s worth it.


Lumberjack – If you’ve ever loved the Axe specifically, this is a go-to. With increased tree chopping speed and a bonus to search mode to find items easier, this is a great option for a neutral point cost. While it isn’t the best with its buffs, it has a great performance-to-point cost ratio.


Carpenter – A fine occupation for those interested in base building and literally nothing else. This actually rewards you points for this selection, which definitely helps with traits. If you ever feel like this is an underwhelming profession always remember that Jesus was a carpenter! If it was good enough for him, then come on now.


Unemployed – Ok, so I didn’t just add this occupation to be funny. It’s genuinely very helpful to relinquish your occupation for the 8 trait points you receive. Essentially, if you don’t feel any of the buffs of the occupations suit you, this is the way to go. Having no passives or occupation bonuses allows you to be much more creative with your build, and making creative builds is a large part of the enjoyability of Project Zomboid. I wouldn’t say that this is as powerful as Lumberjack, which gives you buffs for no point cost, but it’s very close.


Welp, that’s my best occupations. Definitely a much shorter list than the one we have for the best traits, but that makes sense. Occupations in Project Zomboid are more of a suggestion of what you can be rather than hardcoded presets meant to be used every run. That’s the reason Unemployed exists. In any case, I hope this blog helped you make a decision, and have a great day!

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