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Best Mods for Minecraft Education Edition

Posted: May 31, 2023 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young


Playing Minecraft Education Edition is a wonderful way to learn new topics, especially with extra content. Whether you want some cool furniture or new creatures, there’s plenty of opportunities. These features are only enjoyed by using mods, also known as addons. These are typically third-party files that get imported to your game, but can originate elsewhere too. There’s many mods to choose from, as anyone can create them. It’s extremely similar to the Bedrock Edition, meaning players can share their addons online for others to enjoy. This is great news for server owners looking to spice up their gameplay for students or normal players. We’re going to explore the best mods to try out in this blog to get you started on a new educational adventure. Let’s start!

How to Get Mods

Minecraft Education Mods

Obtaining mods or addons for Minecraft Education Edition can be tricky, as there aren’t many services online offering them. There’s only one trusted site that offers them, called MCPEDL. This provides you with many different addons for the game, ranging from new blocks to entirely new gamemodes. There can be other services available though, mainly from the mod developer’s website. Make sure when you research for addons to double check the site is trustworthy and credible. This applies to the download link, but since the education edition of Minecraft can be on other platforms, sometimes downloading them can be difficult. Most of the time there’s apps in the store on your device to achieve this, while others are in the marketplace. Keep this in mind as you continue exploring mods to try out!

The Best List of Mods

There’s so many different kinds of addons to install on your game, so it all boils down to your preferences. The most popular ones involve adding new items, blocks, and creatures. Whether you want new furniture to spice up your house or modes to enhance your gameplay, there’s always options for you to try out! The list below will show you our best picks for Minecraft Education Edition mods. Just remember you’ll have to find specific ones for yourself.

3D Furniture

By far the most popular mod to try out is furniture additions, mostly being three dimensional. These can include chairs, barrels, refrigerators, tables, and so much more. Depending on the addon you imported, there can be even decorations like food, cups, among other similar items. This adds extra detail to your house, especially if you get a little creative with the design. These features can be used to simulate your own home too, which is amplified if you’re learning about architectural design. Otherwise, it can be a wonderful addition to your Minecraft experience.

Minecraft Education 3D Furniture



Minecraft Education Pokemon

More so on the entertainment side of Minecraft, Pokémon is an extremely popular game that many players know about already. If you’re a fan of this, then consider trying out different kinds of mods to enjoy it in-game. This allows you to chill and catch Pokémon, then evolve them for better battles. Similar concepts apply to other games/shows, such as Ben 10 and Spongebob. When you need a break from learning, these kinds of mods help spark a fun time with friends. Otherwise, rock it solo and dive into a unique gameplay experience with Pokémon.


Better Equipment

As you make more advancements in the world, sometimes you want new tools. Luckily, there are literally hundreds of addons for you to choose from that add new equipment. Whether you want some obsidian armor or mythical weapons, you have plenty of options. The best part about these kinds of mods is that they can be combined together, forming the ultimate experience. Most of them will simply add new items with standard crafting recipes, while others can introduce new methods for crafting. This comes in handy when simply enjoying Minecraft in your free-time, but can be implemented by other means.

Minecraft Education Better Weapons Armor


Unique Creatures

Minecraft Education New Mobs

If you’re on track to learn about all kinds of new animals, then consider checking out some creature addons. These can introduce you to all types of wild creatures, from boars to dinosaurs. This is perfect for anyone wanting to experiment with unique mobs, especially players studying them. Alternatively, it can be just a fun little time with friends in-game. Whether you hunt or tame them, these mods can bring new life to Minecraft. The diversity of the animal kingdom is important, so keep this in mind when exploring creature addons.



Instead of in-game features such as new items or mobs, backend changes play an important role too. This typically comes in the form of optimizing the existing code in Minecraft Education Edition. Most of these changes relate to rendering, tick management, and so much more. This can help students learn more about what makes a game run smoother, teaching them valuable lessons for the future. Consider trying out some performance mods and addons to see if you can get Minecraft running at maximum speed.

Minecraft Education Optimization



The education edition of Minecraft has an essential role for students and teachers, as it allows everyone to learn about new topics. Modifications and addons help achieve this goal, especially when they implement tons of new content to the game. Aspects like new animals, optimized settings, architectural blocks, or fun gamemodes can all help players have fun and learn. We hope this blog helped you understand a bit more about the best kinds of mods for Minecraft Education Edition. Have a good one, gamers!

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