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Best Mods for a Minecraft Zombie Server

Posted: Jul 31, 2023 in Minecraft

mc head By Kevin Lott


When it comes to modded Minecraft servers, it is an everlasting attempt to create the best experience with the most enjoyable mods. This is done by catering a tailored experience by eliminating all mods that negatively affect performance, don’t affect the gameplay loop in any major way, or have low quality content that doesn’t engage players. For today’s purposes, we’re looking for the best mods that fit the theme of a Minecraft Zombie server. Let’s begin.

Best Mods for a Minecraft Zombie Server

As with most of our lists, there is no particular order. We’re just listing the mods that we believe best fit an apocalyptic zombie server.

Simply Zombies

Simply Zombies – Ok, so this is on the lower end of complex mods. Simply zombies… simply adds zombies! This mod turns all mobs into zombies. Zombies are now faster, spawn more often, and do not burn in daylight. This mod, while simple, drastically affects your world, so it may not be for everyone. But if you’re looking to feel like you’re really in the zombie apocalypse, this is it!

Zombie Awareness

Zombie Awareness – This is a mod that improves the awareness of zombies by adding a few mechanics that naturally attract zombies depending on the intensity of those mechanics. The player now spills blood if they get hurt, which attracts zombies. Sounds will also alert them, which can include mining/placing blocks, explosions, doors, buttons, chests, or even other zombies. Light sources can also attract zombies from vast distances, so long as it is in their line of sight. These mechanics and so much more cause the hordes of undead to feel very reactive and alive, forcing you to change your world to accommodate their new dangers.

The Hordes

The Hordes – The Hordes is a mod that has multiple new mechanics which cause zombies to be significantly more threatening. Totally configurable, hordes of monsters will attack your base in waves from midnight until morning. If enabled, you can also have players and horses be infected after being hit by a zombie, turning them into a zombie after five minutes have passed. This infection can be cured with a golden apple by default, but this can also be configured. Lastly, when a player dies to infection, a zombified version of that player takes their place, which creatively contains all of their items until the player zombie is defeated. Quite the clever mod which is so reminiscent of The Walking Dead!


Geode – This is a fairly simple mod that doesn’t necessarily add on to the apocalyptic feel we’re looking for, but it’s much more fitting when it comes to Minecraft. Geode adds a new rare zombie variant that allows for mineral collection from mobs, like zombies. These zombies have been stuck underground for so long that the decay has been replaced with stone and minerals. As they’re made of stone, they have slightly more knockback, damage, and health than your average zombie. Arrows will deal no damage, and their spawnrate is quite rare.


For an immersive and thrilling Minecraft Zombie server experience, these carefully selected mods offer a range of exciting gameplay enhancements. These mods combined will create a living, breathing world filled with relentless undead challenges, ensuring an unforgettable experience for players seeking the ultimate zombie apocalypse adventure. With all that being said, have a wonderful day!

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