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Best Minecraft Mods for Multiplayer

Posted: May 12, 2023 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young


Setting up a Forge or Fabric Minecraft server to play with friends and tons of new features can be an amazing experience. This only happens if you choose the right modifications, as there wouldn’t be any fun with bad ones. There’s so many unique kinds of mods to try out, becoming overwhelming if you’re a newbie at modding. Whether you want to improve the quality of life in-game or introduce everyone to spooky dungeons, you’re given the ability to make it happen! Finding mods for these features is a little time consuming and frustrating if you’re not able to get perfect ones for multiplayer. Don’t worry, we’ll break down the best modifications to use in Minecraft servers. Let’s begin!

What Are Modifications?

What Are Minecraft Mods

If you’re wondering what modifications are in Minecraft, they’re a straightforward concept. Players download files that introduce or change features in the game, modifying everyone’s gameplay experience once installed on the server. Literally everything can be modified through these addons, such as character movement, combat, enchantments, or completely new aspects. Doing this is more popular than plugins, as countless players love playing with mods.


The Best Multiplayer Mods

Best Minecraft Mods for Multiplayer

Due to the absurd amount of modifications, we cannot include them all in this blog. It’s unfortunate, but allows you to view the best possible ones to use in your Minecraft server. There wouldn’t be any unpopular mods or unfavorable kinds in the subsections down below, as we handpicked everything for your convenience. These include teleporters, custom abilities, better storage, a new dimension, and tons of biomes. Combining all or most of these will make your multiplayer experience in Minecraft the greatest it can be, but all boils down to preferences. If you’re wanting even more features, then consider reviewing our mod list. Alternatively, we offer loads of modpacks that use hundreds of modifications together for unique gameplay. Enough about this, let’s jump right into the best mods for your server.


If you’re wanting to easily navigate between bases or general locations in your world, then consider using the Waystones mod. This allows you to build a stone monument to create waypoints, giving you the chance to instantly teleport between places. Yup, that’s right! There’s no longer a need for horses or boats, you can simply use this modification to achieve quick navigation in Minecraft. Whether it’s linked to your base or a friend’s house, this comes in clutch sometimes. This is for Forge and Fabric, across several different game versions.

Waystones Mod



Apotheosis Mod

Instead of fighting normie mobs, you can use Apotheosis to encounter bosses that range in difficulty. There’s also tons of unique collectables, such as powerful swords or reinforced armor with abilities. On top of this, players can use custom bookshelves to strengthen their enchanting table for new and better enchantments. Explore dark caves to stumble upon creepy dungeons for special loot and a boss fight! Using this on your server provides endless amounts of entertainment for everyone. This is for Forge 1.12.2 to 1.19 and above, so Fabric users are shafted sadly.


Biomes O’ Plenty

Rather than fighting strong beasts or finding unique loot, completely change the world around you with the Biomes O’ Plenty mod. This gives the environment an awesome new look, especially if you find yourself on a tropical island or an enormous flowery forest. So long Vanilla Minecraft’s appearance, welcome to an improved version of the world! All of your friends will enjoy this modification, so consider trying it out. This is for Forge 1.7.10 to 1.19 and above, but there’s alternatives for Fabric if you want.

Biomes O Plenty Mod


The Aether

The Aether Mod

One of the most classic mods of all time for Minecraft, The Aether, introduces a brand new dimension to the game. This is basically an opposite version of the Nether, as it’s entirely made up for floating islands high in the skies with no lava in sight. There’s plenty of dungeons, bosses, unique ores, new items, and tons of mobs in this world. It’s not too crazy with its features, making it perfect for everyone and newcomers to the modding scene. Sadly, this is only for Forge 1.7.10, 1.12.2, or 1.19.4 at the moment.


Ender Storage

As you continue adventuring in your modded Minecraft server, there’s going to be lots of loot and items that need storing. Some of these will be in your ender chest, but aren’t ideal for lots of materials. Don’t worry, using the Ender Storage mod allows you and others to have an almost endless amount of containers. It works by color coating the block with dyes, creating an interdimensional link that safely stores anything placed inside of it. This also applies to liquids! Setting it up requires you to have a Forge 1.9 to 1.19 and above server.

Ender Storage Mod



There you have it, the best possible mods for multiplayer in Minecraft! Whether you use them all together or cherry pick your favorites, these will introduce everyone to wonderful features. Don’t forget about other possibilities too, as there are literally thousands of modifications to try out. Whether you’re wanting to make an incredible adventure or simply improve the quality of life in-game, there’s many options to implement. We hope this blog was helpful and enlightened you with knowledge about the best mods for Minecraft. Have a good one, gamers!

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