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Best Minecraft Data Packs

Posted: Aug 25, 2023 in Minecraft

mc head By Kevin Lott


Minecraft has always been one of the simpler looking games. Its simplicity has earned it the title of the most popular video game in the world. Simple concepts reign supreme like swords, gathering wood to build a home, and defeating monsters. That’s all good and fine, but sometimes you just want something different, you know? This is where data packs come in. Datapacks are files that can change Minecraft in unique ways. There are thousands of packs made for all different types of people, so today we’re going to go over a few of the best and hopefully, you can find one you like. Let’s begin.

Best Minecraft Data Packs

A data pack allows for custom functions, tags, advancements, recipes, structures, and loot tables to be added to the game without modifying the game. These were introduced in 1.13, and this list will be compiling the best Minecraft data packs in no particular order.

Skyblock Beyond – Inside this datapack, you’ll discover an abundant array of machines, workstations, and numerous other fascinating features! Taking inspiration from the renowned Skyblock Modpacks, you embark on a journey starting with meager resources. Navigate through the tech-tree, skillfully crafting increasingly potent machines, and master the art of automation to ease the grind!

Skyblock Beyond

More Villages – This is a pretty simple datapack with some fairly obvious functionality. Minecraft now includes more villages! If you weren’t aware, there are plenty of biomes where villages can’t spawn, and this datapack fixes that! This pack adds villages in badlands, deep frozen oceans, deep ocean villages, jungle villages, redstone villages, swamp villages, and brand new lush cave villages!

More Villages

Tougher End Cities – This datapack introduces modified end biomes, resulting in a more balanced distribution of ghasts, endermites, and phantoms across all biomes. Additionally, custom tuned enemies within the end cities now yield a diverse range of loot. Instead of just grabbing it from a picture frame, acquiring the Elytra will involve you confronting the formidable “Enderman Leader” on the ship, offering a rewarding challenge for seasoned and well-prepared players. The enemies have been enhanced to provide an engaging experience for skilled adventurers. While exploring the end city, you might come across Shulker and Phantom spawners that spawn augmented versions of these creatures, though without loot rewards, to prevent excessive farming. As a side note, the cities themselves look super dope..

Tougher End Cities

Scored: Desert Expansion – Scorched is a pack that brings subtle enhancements to Deserts and Badlands, striking a balance between their inherent difficulty and the rewards they offer to intrepid players. It introduces innovative methods for survival in these biomes, ensuring that spawning in one won’t spell total doom. While this project does modify world generation, it leaves the biome layout untouched, allowing compatibility with existing worlds. It’s worth noting that Scorched’s compatibility with world generation mods like Tectonic or Terralith has not been officially confirmed yet.


Expanding World – This is one of the more creative datapacks. As you may know, Minecraft’s world is actually not totally infinite. While it is expansive, it caps at around 30 million by 30 million blocks, with there being a ‘world border’ encapsulating the whole thing. Expanding World has the world border tightened to just a single 16×16 chunk! But each day, the world border expands by blocks corresponding to the day of the world. For example, on Day 1, the world border will expand by 1, but on Day 20, it will expand by 20. As you play more, your world will grow exponentially!

Expanding World

CoolDash Advancement Pack – This datapack simply adds more advancements to the game. Over 150 new advancements in total, with more coming in each update. The advancements are categorized into different sections, that being Minecraft, Adventure, Husbandry, Nether, The End, Building, and Animal Meat. No idea what types of advancements ‘husbandry’ involves, but I’m all for it!

CoolDash Advancement Pack


If you need assistance using any of these Minecraft data packs on your world or server, check out our guide on installing them here.


I must say, these are the finest datapacks I’ve come across! While a few of them make minor quality-of-life enhancements to your gaming experience, others are essentially comprehensive mods, but without the need for curseforge or fabric. Among them all, my personal favorite is More Villages, seamlessly blending with the vanilla experience. Whatever your preferences, I trust you found a datapack that perfectly suits your desires. Wishing you a fantastic day!

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