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Best Minecraft Biomes For Survival In 1.20

Posted: Sep 15, 2023 in Minecraft

mc head By Kevin Lott


When it comes to vanilla survival, where you live can always be a challenge to overcome. Not just because of the difficulties that come with surviving in the tough world of Minecraft, but also because of the subjective values of the player, and what they want out of what will inevitably become their home. The biome you live in says a lot about you, what you’re looking for, and what you want out of your surroundings. Today, we’ll be going over what I believe to be the best biomes to live in 1.20.

Criteria for the Best Minecraft Biomes

What determines the ‘best’ biome is entirely subjective, but to me, it’s a multitude of factors. For starters, the fertility of the land is pretty essential. Its ability to foster different types of useful animals, fauna, villages, and more is probably the most important aspect. Next, the actual terrain. Is it difficult to traverse? Does it have good structural integrity to build a decent foundation on for a future base? Lastly, danger. How dangerous is the land? Is it prone to dangerous mobs, does it have natural defenses against the hostile mobs that spawn at night? All of these things are factored into my decisions when deciding where to live. Now, what is the best place to live?


The meadows biome in Minecraft is a serene and picturesque expanse of gently rolling hills, lush green grass, and vibrant flowers. This biome is usually home to oak trees, which grants you a reliable source of renewable wood and a semi-renewable source of food in the form of apples. The soft terrain is ideal for casual exploration and the peaceful coexistence of various passive mobs like cows, pigs, and sheep. Ponds and Covered in grassy fields, the meadows also make for great farmland as they are covered in plenty of ferns and bushes which can be broken for seeds. The meadows are also typically flat, offering a safe space to gather resources and plan your next steps.


I will admit that this is the most tedious and cliche choice for a good survival biome, it’s popular for a reason. I think my favorite aspect of this biome is its pure open nature, allowing for tons of creativity when it comes to builds. Plain Jane grass fields get the job done like no other!

Snowy Taiga

The snowy taiga biome in Minecraft is a frigid and enchanting landscape characterized by its towering spruce trees blanketed in glistening snow. The ground is covered with a layer of snow, creating a serene and winter-wonderland atmosphere. Chilly winds blow through the dense forest, and scattered patches of ice and packed ice can be found near water sources. Players may encounter various wildlife like wolves, rabbits, and foxes, adapted to the cold climate.

Snowy Taiga

This biome, for the most part, is slightly worse as an option than the Plains/Meadows, but it looks very nice. The water is frozen, and so water cannot be used as a reliable resource as easily, making it super difficult to farm. There are still nearly just as many passive mobs to farm, though, and some unique ones. The Taiga trees are also reliable, with a more darkened tone than the oak trees, offering lovely spruce wood for some great builds. The roaming wolves can also be tamed, offering trusty companions that defend you to their dying breath. Truly a great option!

Mushroom Fields

Mushroom field!? Yeah! Mushroom fields, often known as mushroom islands, are scarce biomes that consistently emerge as islands encircled by deep oceans. They stand as the exclusive habitat for mycelium and mooshrooms within the game. Notably, these fields possess the unique trait of being free from the typical spawning of hostile mobs. This biome is truly a min/max build when it comes to what you value.

Mushshroom Fields

While there may not be any grass to farm on, and the terrain isn’t exactly traditionally attractive, there are tons of mushrooms around! These mushrooms can be made into an extremely potent renewable food resource, and the fact that none of the classic hostile mobs spawn here without the need for torches is pretty cool as well! Unfortunately, this biome is so unbelievably rare that you’ll most likely not find this on accident. There’s a chance, but for the most part, you’re going to have to go out of your way to look for it. Unfortunately, a major downside of this biome is that there are no trees, so be sure to bring a ton of saplings so you can bring about a makeshift forest for your crafting needs.


In conclusion, selecting the optimal biome for survival in Minecraft’s 1.20 update involves living in either the Meadows, Snowy Taiga, or Mushroom Fields. But does it really? No. In actuality, your ideal survival biome is the one that you enjoy the most! Ha, what a classic! Each biome brings distinct advantages and trade-offs, allowing players to shape their survival experience according to their priorities and creative aspirations. In that case, I suggest you go find your favorite biome, assuming you’re not preferable to any of these. With all that being said, have a great day!

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