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The Best Minecraft Bedrock Seeds

Posted: Nov 13, 2023 in Minecraft

mc head By Kevin Lott

Overview – Best Minecraft Bedrock Seeds

When starting a survival world, it can be quite a dilemma, trying to get a decent start. Sometimes the world just doesn’t agree with you, and you may spawn on a deserted island hundreds of blocks away from any form of land with trees. Maybe, for once, you just want to play in a specific biome or find that one structure. This is where seeds come in. Since Minecraft seeds enable the player to use a predetermined world, users can share favorable seeds with each other. Today, we’re going to go over some seeds that may interest you for the latest version, 1.20 and we think are the best Minecraft Bedrock seeds. Let’s begin.

The Best Minecraft Bedrock Seeds

This list is in no particular order, as its just a compilation of a few of the best Minecraft seeds I’ve found shared throughout the community.

Cherry Forest with Snowy Peaks

This seed brings us to the newest biome, an enchanting cherry wood forest that adorns the landscape. This biome is not only visually stunning but also exudes a captivating ambiance. With its delicate pink petals, the gentle emission of pink particles from the leaves, the warm hues of the grass, and the luminous water, it’s no surprise that many players are drawn to this place within this captivating biome. To add to the allure, a majestic snowy mountain graces the very heart of the cherry grove, making for a splendid centerpiece in your world.

Cherry Wood Forest

Moreover, if you’re feeling adventurous and seek to uncover coveted treasures like the silence armor trim which was recently added, along with other valuable loot, you’ll be thrilled to discover an ancient city concealed beneath the pink biome. Just be sure to tread lightly, as awakening the warden could lead to dire consequences.

Seed: 354554
Spawn Biome: Cherry Grove
Coordinates for the Ancient City: X: 110 Z: 110

Valley Encased In Stone

Got a thing for expansive valleys while relishing daily breathtaking vistas, this seed is tailor-made for you! Your initial spawn point is situated alongside a colossal ring of stony peaks, enveloping sections of the jungle, a sparsely wooded area, and a lush forest biome. This landscape is nothing short of awe-inspiring when viewed from the inside and presents an ideal location for any build.

Valley Encased In Stone

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the stony peaks biome offers a wealth of resources. Littered with valuable iron and coal ore veins that prove invaluable in the early stages of the game, this place has it all!. Exercise caution, though, when delving into subterranean realms or crafting mines, for beneath the valley lies an immense deep dark biome and within it, an ancient city of intrigue. Yet another seed housing this relatively rare biome.

Seed: 7506926137149878989
Spawn Biome: Sparse Jungle
Coordinates for the Ancient City: X: 250 Z: -215

Woodland Mansion with a village?

The title says it all! While this seed doesn’t initially introduce novel features at the spawn point, it presents players with an intriguing quandary to tackle. Their spawning location is literally on top of a woodland mansion, strategically positioned on the outskirts of an adjacent village and ensconced by snow-capped mountains in every direction. I’m a little lost for words, to be honest.

Woodland Mansion

If you plan on using this seed, make haste, as the hostile mobs from the woodland mansion will most certainly target the villagers right out the gate. If you’re brave enough, you can tackle the mansion from the start to get some easy totems of undying along with an awesome crib right next to a convenient village for easy trades. What a wonderful seed!

Seed: -7516440957484561490)
Spawn Biome: Dark Oak Forest
Coordinates for the Woodland Mansion: Spawn…


That’s all! In the vast world of Minecraft, finding the perfect seed can be the key to unlocking your dream adventure. Whether you’re seeking stunning landscapes, valuable resources, or unique challenges, these carefully curated seeds offer a glimpse into the limitless possibilities that await you in version 1.20. As you embark on your Minecraft journey, remember that even though the world generation is predetermined, its yours to shape and explore. Your adventure can be as diverse and exciting as your imagination allows. Happy gaming!

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