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Best Leggings Enchantments In Minecraft

Posted: Sep 25, 2023 in Minecraft

mc head By Kevin Lott


While surviving in Minecraft, you’ll eventually craft leggings to help in your adventures. There are several materials used for crafting them, but this isn’t enough to become powerful. Enchantments are abilities you can apply to tools and armor, such as increased durability or improved sneak speed. The world of enchanting can be a bit confusing, and at face value, Minecraft doesn’t give a lot of feedback as to which enchantments you should value, and which ones are just ‘meh’. Let’s learn about the best enchantments for leggings to give you the best chance of survival!

Enchanted Leggings

There are many different enchantments that can be applied to leggings, with each enchantment offering new abilities or utility in some way. As a result, these make combat, exploration, and building easier. However, there are some that are plain dogwater, such as Curse of Binding. You wouldn’t want some boring enchantment on your leggings, since that takes away from better options. With that in mind, we’ll go over the best enchantments for leggings to ensure you’re made as OP as possible.

Enchanted Netherite Leggings

Protection is the classic choice and by far the best overall. Protection simply provides increased damage resistance to all forms of damage. Mob attacks, explosions, and lava all are damage types protected against by this enchantment. The enchantment goes up to four levels, with each level offering greater resistance.

Swift Sneak
The newest enchantment to the game, Swift Sneak improves your movement speed when sneaking. This is a great enchantment to have for builders, as sneaking prevents you from falling off of blocks. The enchantment goes up to three levels, with each level improving the sneak speed further.

While playing Minecraft, you’ll get experience orbs (XP) that give you the power to enchant items. However, every piece of armor, tool, and weapon breaks down over time until it snaps. Mending is by far one of the most powerful enchantments in the game, allowing you to repair the durability of your leggings simply by acquiring XP.

Speaking of durability, use the unbreaking enchantment with mending to further the item’s lifespan. Unbreaking can negate damage against itself, thereby keeping it existing longer. In almost every piece of god-tier leggings, the enchantment is applied due to its powerful nature.

How to Obtain Enchantments

enchanting table
mineshaft chest

There are three possible ways to enchant your leggings: using an Enchanting Table, finding an enchanted book, or trading for it with a villager. The first option is your best bet, as you can continuously try your chances until you get it. This is better than finding it in a villager trade or locating an enchanted book in a dungeon since the chances aren’t in your favor. Don’t waste time, get bookshelves and make an enchanting area to get these OP abilities.


When it comes to making yourself a set of god armor, enchanting is by far the most difficult part. Mining and crafting come second to the absolute hell it is to acquire all of the perfect enchantments, and the XP necessary to apply them to your armor. I hope that nailing down your best options as to what you should keep on your leggings makes things easier. In any case, have a great day!

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