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Best Fuel Source in Minecraft

Posted: Sep 20, 2023 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young


Surviving in Minecraft is no easy feat, as there’s a wide variety of challenges to overcome. One of these is finding suitable fuel for cooking food and smelting items. Your average player will use coal or wood, but these resources dry up quickly. Only those with the right amount of knowledge can instead use other materials for more efficient fuel sources. There are many of them to try out, but only a few are truly the best in Minecraft. What are these items? Are they easy to collect? We’ll be answering these questions and more in this Apex Hosting blog to help you maximize the smelting experience in Minecraft. Let’s begin!

Effective Fuel Types

Minecraft Best Fuel Sources

Rather than using sticks, wood, pieces of coal, or anything else, begin using better fuel sources in Minecraft. These range from lava buckets to blaze rods, maximizing your smelting activities in normal or blast furnaces. Keep in mind that it may take some time to gather enough of these fuel types. Due to this, you may want to play around with cheats or operator permissions to quickly test them out in-game. This isn’t necessary, but may help you determine the best fuel source in Minecraft. There’s not only one! Let’s explore them all down below to get you started.

Lava Buckets

One of the best ways to smelt items in Minecraft is using lava buckets, as they have a longer lifespan than most fuel types. The only downside is that it’s a one-time use, meaning you have to refill it constantly. This can be frustrating for some players but don’t worry. There are plenty of available lava pools in the Minecraft world across its surface and deep within its caves. Alternatively, you can gather lots of filled buckets and create an automatic redstone machine to continuously smelt items in your furnaces.

Minecraft Lava Bucket


Coal Blocks

Minecraft Coal Blocks

Despite coal being a commonly used fuel source in Minecraft, most players don’t know that its block variation is better for smelting. That’s right! You can create coal blocks for an improved experience when making food or other items. Their lifespan isn’t on par with lava buckets but are extremely easy to obtain. This is amplified by the fortune enchantment when mining coal ores in Minecraft. We strongly recommend trying this fuel source when smelting in-game.


Dried Kelp Blocks

In recent versions of Minecraft, players can create dried kelp blocks to act as a fuel source. This is immensely useful due to its long lifespan, which is almost the same as lava buckets. Making these requires you to gather kelp from oceans and then dry them in furnaces. Afterward, combine them in a crafting table to make its block variant. This is a wonderful and relatively inexpensive way to smelt items in Minecraft! Keep this in mind when traversing the oceans.

Minecraft Dried Kelp Blocks


Blaze Rods

Minecraft Blaze Rods

As you explore the Nether and come across fortresses, gather lots of blaze rods while you can. These materials are commonly used for brewing potions, but can also help you smelt anything in Minecraft. Each one has a long lifespan, similar to dried kelp blocks. This may be an untraditional way to smelt, yet it’s one of the best fuel sources to consider. We implore you to try this out! Otherwise, you can see about using the other items to find what’s best for your gameplay.



Finding out the best fuel source in Minecraft is one of the many activities that millions of players do in-game. Whether you’re using blazes rods or dried kelp blocks, there are lots of items to use in furnaces. Some of these will have different lifespans, but all should be efficient nonetheless. Fortunately, most of them are available in many Minecraft versions. This means if you’re playing on 1.20 or 1.16, there’s always an effective fuel source to choose from in-game. Besides this, we hope this blog helped you learn about the best items to use for smelting in Minecraft. Have a good one, gamers!

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