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Best Dragon Mods for Minecraft

Posted: May 22, 2023 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young


Fans of the RPG genre may want to play around with fantasy elements in Minecraft, like fire breathing dragons. Whether you played Skyrim or watched Game of Thrones, many players want to emulate that into their beloved game. This is done by using mods, the most popular way to enhance gameplay. There’s tons of these online and can be overstimulating, especially if you’re a newbie at modding Minecraft. Some mods could be suitable for your setup, while others aren’t. It all depends on if you’re wanting to use them in Forge or Fabric, among the game versions. Don’t worry, we got you covered. Let’s explore the best possible Minecraft dragon mods to try out!

Minecraft Dragon Mods

Minecraft Dragon Mods

Due to the overwhelming amount of mods online, we’ve only selected the very best for you. There are four unique kinds to choose from, which are down below. These are all similar, but some have more features than others. Whether you only want dragons or extra stuff on top of it, you have options. Although, you can always find mods yourself to see what else is out there. Don’t blame us if you’re unable to locate anything else, as our list has the most popular ones. Once you find a suitable mod, review our tutorial to install it on your Minecraft server.

Dragon Survival

An interesting spin on dragons is becoming one! That’s right, the Dragon Survival mod allows you to literally fly around and explore the world as a giant scaly bird. Not only can you soar in the skies, you can attack your enemies too. Imagine airplane dogfights, but with dragons that breath fire and shoot lightning bolts. There are tons of skills and customization, leading you on an amazing adventure. For instance, you can change the colors, textures, species, and size of your dragon.

Dragon Survival Minecraft



Wyrmroost Mod

Instead of being a dragon, the Wymroost mod gives you the ability to tame them. These are large creatures that can fight by your side…or completely destroy you. Alternatively, you can get a tiny one to be your friend along adventures. There’s even some for farming! It’ll take a lot of work to tame and care for these dragons, so make sure you are well prepared. Otherwise, you may just be slain by these majestic creatures.


Dragon Mounts: Legacy

You ever wonder what the Ender Dragon Egg did in Minecraft? Well, it does absolutely nothing. Luckily, the Dragon Mounts mod gives you the ability to hatch them! There’s multiple types and species to try out, all with different colors. Whether you get a strong or weak one, they’ll slowly adapt to their environment to become better creatures. Unlike the other mods, this one is fairly simple and straightforward with no crazy extra features. Expect to raise dragons and have them on your side for any journey.

Dragon Mounts Legacy


Ice and Fire: Dragons

Ice and Fire Dragons Minecraft

If you truly want to enhance your world with fantasy elements and dragons, then consider the Ice and Fire mod. This adds tons of new structures in the map, along with old dragony bones scattered around. There’s even tons of other mythical creatures, such as Sea Serpents or Cyclops. This is the ultimate adventure mod for any RPG Minecraft server! Some players may not like this though, as it adds many other features besides dragons.



If any of these mods pique your interest, then consider trying them out! The only way to truly know if one of them is perfect for your gameplay is testing it in-game. Whether you’re doing this in a server or singleplayer world, it’ll be tons of fun. We recommend enabling cheats to get a taste of what these mods offer, especially if you’re trying to determine the best one. For example, you and others can tame dragons together to create an army that’ll shoot lightning bolts at any foe. Sounds deadly. Well, we hope this blog helped you learn more about the best mods for dragons in Minecraft. Have a good one, gamers!

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