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Best 7 Days To Die Mods

Posted: Aug 29, 2022 in 7 Days To Die

mc head By Kevin Lott


Do you ever just get bored of the same gameplay loop? 7 Days to Die is a great experience on its own, no doubt, but with the game nearly a decade old I find myself desiring something new. Not something so detached that I actually have to close the game and play some other random dogwater game, but something new. What if I want to die in eight days? Maybe six? Jokes aside, today, we’re going to go over the best mods 7 Days To Die has to offer. So strap in and maybe we’ll find some awesome mods for you to check out. Let’s begin.

Best 7DTD Mods

As with the other games, this list is in no particular order. We’re simply listing the best mods there are, but not in order of greatness.

Darkness Falls mod

Darkness Falls – a mod made by KhaineGB originally created to fix a few issues that he and others felt the game had. Eventually, it was expanded on with the intent of dragging out the early game. This means it will take you longer than usual to get Iron and Steel. There is also a fair bit of realism injected into the mod, locking away a few recipes behind perks assuming most normal people wouldn’t know how to make/do those things. Hub city, sharp rocks and sticks, and other aspects from the old Alpha 8 era are also reintroduced. The end game is also made more difficult by adding new zombies/enemies to make the “end game” more difficult. Overall, a jam packed mod!

7 Days To Die Vehicles Mod

Bdubyah’s Vehicles All in One – a collection of the vehicle mods Bdubyah has made. This mod adds all of Bdub’s vehicles into one mod. This mod includes an insane amount of vehicles in the form of the Box Truck, BRDM-2, Buggy, Charger, Cruiser, Dirt Bike, Duster, GNX, Golf Cart, Hot Rods, Humvee, Junker, LMTV, Marauder, MD 500, MRAP, Nova, Old Semi, Pickup, Rat Bike, SHERP, Stallion, UAZ-452, UH-60, Willy Jeep and Work Truck. This is a collection of over a dozen mods, and they’re all very high quality. Great job to Bdub!


NPCMod – The NPCMod is a community modding project which was initially started by Sphereii and Xyth back in A16. The team has continued to grow since then with the goal of providing “Core” functionality and templates that can be reused by modders to add high-functioning characters into their mods. By design the mod encourages expansion through packs that other modders would develop. This is less of a mod and more a full extension added to the core of the modding community, allowing mods to add fully fleshed-out characters with functionality and customization. Quite ambitious, but a great mod!


.30-06 Weapons – This is a mod that includes a fourth of a firearms mod pack made by Izayo. It adds .30-06 ammo, which is stronger than even 7.62. The mod adds four guns in total that use vanilla item models. A .30-06 Lever rifle which has a slow rate of fire of four rounds capacity. The M1 Garand, which has a high rate of fire of eight rounds capacity. The Browning Automatic Rifle, which fires automatic at a twenty round capacity. Lastly, the Browning Heavy Machinegun, which has a high rate of fire of seventy-five rounds capacity. Both the Browning weapons have very low modification options.


That’s all we got for today! Seven Days To Die has a plethora of awesome mods that enhance the survival experience. Whether it be changing how things work for a new gameplay loop or just simply adding more content, you’re bound to find something you like. I’m particularly fond of the Weapons mod, because I love old school guns! In any case, I hope you found a new mod to play with, and have a great day!

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